Moriel Missions Southern Africa June Update 2006

This month to date has had plenty too offer that need prayer, both of praise and also concern.

First of all praise God for our friend Mike Lillenfield who was recently diagnosed with Hepititus. The result being a 6 month course of treatment and a diet that every South African must dead ” “ NO MEAT!!!!!!! ‚   But thank the Lord, he is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and after much prayer he went for a test at the doctors. The result came on Saturday he had been completely cured.

Secondly Salvador was in the process of bringing Mike for a meeting at Ebyown when they were involved in a car accident. My trusty little car was a right off but praise God Sal and Mike were unharmed. We can replace cars but good men who faithfully preach the gospel are hard to come by.

This leads me quickly to point three, the insurance payout will be minimal and out here we need a reliable family car to take the children to doctors appointments and to get supplies. The kind of car we are looking for would be a multi purpose MPV. Unfortunately these can be expensive here in Africa . We have had some kind donations but we are far from an amount that would purchase a reliable vehicle. If anyone would like to help us in this matter please contact us as the matter in of some urgency.

May the Lord continue to Bless you in your love and support of Moriel Missions.

For Royle Family Support

Brenda & Baden Royle
2 Cressington Close
Off Derby Road
Salford 6
Manchester UK
0161 737 2996
Email: [email protected]

For Ministry Support Please Contact

Phil Baldwin
25 Engels House
Trafford Road
Manchester UK
Tel: 0161 789 3203
Email: [email protected]

Our South Africa Details

Pastor David Royle
Po Box 10807
Strubenvale 1570
South Africa
Tel/Fax: 011 730 1719
Email: [email protected]

New Convenient Way Of Giving

You can now make a donation online via your credit card by clicking here. You can also give by contacting your local Moriel Office.


Fisca is the law that affects those donating by cheque to charitable organizations; South African law states that the donors address details are written on the back of the cheque. This is to help fight against money laundering in Africa.

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