Moriel Missions Southern Africa June 2006 Newsletter

Dear friends

Greetings in the name above all names, Jesus our Messiah. ‚  I personally enjoy receiving letters. Well most letters, certainly not those coloured Red and not those from misguided souls who don”t actually like Moriel. Even in Moriel we do like to be loved. But some are good for your soul and give us a true perspective to what really counts.

Take a letter that appeared on my mums door mat. (Mum looks after our personal banking in the UK ) Mum opened a letter from a regular donor who has a friend that is so against the church and the gospel because of the money charlatans that permeate the body nowadays. This donor showed her a thank you letter with a butterfly made by the kids. There followed a newsletter about what the Lord was doing. She said to her friend that she shouldn’t look at the bad guys but look at what real Christians are doing around the world. The result is that this lady has moved significantly closer to the gospel and a door has been opened.

This has not been shared to blow our trumpet; we are nothing if it wasn’t for Gods constant grace. It was shared to encourage every one of us as we partner in this ministry that God will use any situation to move hearts to him; He can even use a paper butterfly made with the hands of weak frail children to soften a soul.

So what’s been happening? As usual plenty!


Aletheia Community Church pastored by Dave are in the process of an evangelical outreach to the city of Springs in Partnership with Springs Baptist Church . Dave has been a regular speaker there over the past year and a friendship has blossomed culminating with the agreement to reach the lost. So with Salvador in place as evangelist we have been busy organizing Radio spots, flyers and tracts. In fact 5000 tracts would have been delivered by Saturday 3rd of June. Our Guest speaker will be non other than Jacob Prasch who is visiting us on his South Africa tour. So please pray for every conversation that occurs in the hope that we see the Kingdom of God in Springs increased. If you’re reading this in South Africa , the meeting will be held on June 4th at 6:30pm, Hertzog Road Springs. If you need directions just ring or email us at the address above.

Mission College

Please forgive us for the lateness in the delivery of materials. Out in the plots our electricity fluctuates and even surges. This resulted in the frying of our man hard drive and the loss of some material. It was also a mission to get fixed but PTL we are now up and going again. For a free prospectus just email us at the above address and chat to Chris our college administrator.

Children & Stuff

It’s been shingles all round at the moment, but praise God it was not as bad as it could have been. N’tombi started just after Johannes and as those who suffer know, it was pain and scratching for them both. ‚  Good news from Baden and Luke. Baden ’s condition was so bad that he had a viral load of 6,800,000. With ARV’s this has gone down to 1000, Luke was at 300,000 which is now 300, both their CD4 counts are also rising in the right direction. ‚  Please continue to pray for our registration, we unfortunately have a social worker who appears to be government indoctrinated and ignorant of the government’s laws, pray for his enlightenment and a swifter registration process for Ebyown.


The Bezaleel family are all fine. One set back however happened when the father of two of the children in their care lost his job. Up to then he had been providing for his children’s HIV medication. This now has to be covered by Bezaleel that runs off a shoe string, please pray for Gods sufficiency. ‚  Good news and many thanks to McCain’s frozen food, both Bezaleel and Ebyown received a gift of 100kg frozen chips each plus 64kg frozen veggies each. This has packed the freezers so Praise God.


Irene Healey from New Zealand came at the beginning of the month but due to some family problems her stay was cut drastically short. While she was with us she helped Lyn and in the Sunday school. She was a pleasure to have around.As you know we are constantly looking for help with Ebyown and also in evangelism with Salvador . Please drop us a line if you would like to enquire further.

Something still to pray about

We all know the abortion figures are terrible. Millions die every year making the womb the most dangerous place to be for a baby. Is there anything we can do about it? Yes there is, but it will take a lot of resources and Gods intervention. But I am recently encouraged by Nehemiah’s example that great things can be done by determined men and women of God.We would like to start a home for young mums and babies in the locality. Its purpose would be to:

  • To encourage pregnant mums to carry their child to full term
  • To provide a home in which they can have the child and bond
  • If the mum decides not to keep the child for the child to be adopted or become part of the Ebyown family

What will we need?

  • A house: One has been located but needs lots of TLC
  • House renovations
  • Furniture, cots etc
  • A budget to run
  • A house parent to manage the project

At the moment these are just prayers aimed at seeing if the Lord is in this venture. Last year I spent a period of time at a friends seeking the Lord for 4 days and came home with this burden on my heart, not knowing that a property next to Ebyown would come up for sale at a bargain price. Please pray with us.

Further Prayer Points

  • For Salvador as he continues to head the evangelism
  • For Aletheia as it reaches out with the gospel
  • For Springs Baptist Church as they partner in evangelism and seek a new pastor
  • For Jacob as he travels in South Africa and Fred and Wendy as they “organize”  him
  • For Bezaleel and all their daily needs
  • For Ebyown’s registration and daily needs
  • For the college
  • For Dave, Lyn, Salvadore, Chris and Aaron as we work together
  • For all the children, that God may continue to work miracles
  • For protection daily from the evil one

Want to help? That’s easy, just sign up for three months or help financially by contacting the following people

For Royle Family Support

Brenda & Baden Royle
2 Cressington Close
Off Derby Road
Salford 6
Manchester UK
0161 737 2996
Email: [email protected]

For Ministry Support Please Contact

Phil Baldwin
25 Engels House
Trafford Road
Manchester UK
Tel: 0161 789 3203
Email: [email protected]

Our South Africa Details

Pastor David Royle
Po Box 10807
Strubenvale 1570
South Africa
Tel/Fax: 011 730 1719
Email: [email protected]

New Convenient Way Of Giving

You can now make a donation online via your credit card by clicking here. You can also give by contacting your local Moriel Office.


Fisca is the law that affects those donating by cheque to charitable organizations; South African law states that the donors address details are written on the back of the cheque. This is to help fight against money laundering in Africa.

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