Moriel Missions South Africa October 2008

Dear Friends

The Royle Family

Lyn and I have just come back from a month in the UK where we shared at different churches up and down the country. It was also an opportunity to spend time together, rest and recharge our batteries. As ever we are thankful for the hard work put in by Dena in arranging venue ‚  and for the invites from various churches who gave us great hospitality. It was also a time where we could catch up with family. Lyn had not seen her dad for a year and even though his Dementia is evident he was in good spirits, put on weight and in a happy mood. It was also good to spend time with Anthony, his wife Liz and our grand son Levi and also seeing their preparations for the new child in January. Aaron and his fianc ƒ ©e Erin are also busy preparing for their wedding on March 28th 09. We had a blessed time with them at Conwy and sharing at Ainsdale Evangelical Church where they worship. But at last we had to come home, time travels so quick when you’re having fun.

Bayden & Luke
Bayden & Luke, our superheroes

So what did we arrive home too? Well as usual we hit the floor running. Our new child Lisa was present and so we had to introduce ourselves to her and make sure she is settled in. Please pray for her as she has some really deep rooted behavioral problems that will need a lot of work to overcome. The kids in general though are pretty well and obviously missed us. We woke up early to a surprise breakfast organized by Prudence of Muffins, Pancakes etc. it was really nice.

missions team
Part of our missions team

We had arranged for a bouncy Castle to be hired for Baden’s birthday. His Birthday was on the 5th of October but he didn’t know so we just put it back to Friday the 17th. Well it was a birthday plus a welcome home party and our friend in Australia who I won’t embarrass by naming sent money for the event. We had a great time as you will see by the pictures.

David Lister asked me to share about Ebyown’s future and to be honest that’s the easy part as there is so much to do. But of course the flesh and day by day worries get into your head and to be frank we have a few concerns. First of all, the world wide down turn in economies is affecting Ebyown. The Rand as we type is over R17 to the pound and R10 to the US$. This means imports are dearer, commodities go up etc. Along with this there has been a down turn in giving as sponsors also struggle with their incomes whether its business or salaries and so over the last few months there has been a worrying trend. Along with this now we are registered has come extra expenditure as we now meet salaries for a social worker as well as 6 staff and of course we have just increased by two more special needs children. So please pray for our finances, that the Lord will meet our daily needs as a mission.

Azk, Sal, & Di
Zak, Sal, & Di

One thing that gives me hope though is the Gypsy folk. I had the honor of sharing with them in Dartford Kent and in Iver in Buckinghamshire. I looked at the mission work that their leaders are leading and I was most impressed. I really felt they should be sharing with me their mission rather than the other way around. But one thing that the Lord taught me with them was the subject of Zeal. They are so zealous for the Lord, they are so Christocentric in their mission and this overflows in their love and compassion and just the willingness to see souls saved and lives changed. To say that they put a skip in my step when I left them is an understatement because while around me we often see churches playing at mission, the Gypsy people are living it as though it is their life blood. The Old and the New Testament speak of Zeal and as you look through a good concordance you will see that people were commended for their zeal. God had changed them and now they zealously serve Him. Unfortunately with our battles against the World, the Flesh and the Devil, apathy can creep in and we find hearts that were zealous for the Lord are now involved in pure church maintenance, keeping the status quo and just fitting in meetings between secular obligations. My own apathy disappeared when seeing how the Gypsy’s are missioning all over the former communist block countries and yet God has still given them room in their hearts a love for the children at Ebyown. The lovely thing is this; if you are a point of apathy, were serving the Lord has been placed on the back burner, where missions is not even considered, then God can breath once again into a look warm heart and set it on fire again so that we invest in His kingdom and not in this world where recent events have shown us that moth and rust decay.

So what are our short, medium and long term plans? Well first of all we must add the words “God Willing”. At the moment we have a vision but that counts for nothing if it isn’t Gods will and secondly I don’t want to presume anything regarding the future as the Lord could come or take anyone of us home.

Short term: We are trying to stabilize the running of Ebyown now that we are a registered home. The practicalities will always be the same. A child will come, receive a family and be nurtured back to health and then they can develop in the Lord, ‚  but some things have to change. We have to employ our own social worker which we have done with Yvonne. We are looking for a nurse as I type. House mums have to be identified and trained, this brings additional pressure both financially and on our home life not to mention the integration of new workers into the Ebyown mind set that is based on Psalm 68:5-6 and not an institution.

Medium term we are desperate for a mobility bus. Ebyown by its nature receives children that nobody wants. These have been HIV+, CP and other challenges. Hence children come who are non walkers and this makes hospital visits a challenge for our Ford Fiesta. A Mobility bus has been estimated at the moment at $38,000 and we would dearly like to save our shekels and head for this target.

Medium term also sees Di and Sal moving to pioneer in Kwazulu. If God wills next Sept/Oct will see them embark on a new episode in their lives and see a mission established among the Zulu people. Of course this will need planning, sponsoring and some finance. It will also mean an opportunity for a missionary couple to replace them here near Kwazenzele and so we are actively looking forward to recruit another couple.

Long Term: As the children get older they will need to be prepared for life as adults. That’s a reason for praising the Lord in itself as most of our children have usually come with a limit on their life expectation. Now with new drugs being developed we pray that they will have a full life thus this needs to be prepared for with the building of a half way house in the next 6 years. A training center for skills and a new school facility. All of this requires people, skills and investment. But God is good and if this is His will there will be no problem.

My final long term goal is this: Looking after the widow. Many elderly widows are neglected in South Africa living in poverty and often abused. My heart and I believe Gods heart is to fulfill the fullness of Psalm 68. I also have seen projects where go go’s (grandma’s) and youngsters bring joy to each other. Wouldn’t it be great to see the loneliness and despair experienced by both young and old healed by the love of Yeshua?

Another side to this which is very selfish, is that now Moriel leadership is getting older, we need to think what we will do with David Lister, Jacob and others in a few years? Or maybe I’ve said too much already? LOL

God Bless

Dave and Lyn Royle

Tanzania & Kenya

On November the 5th I will be flying to Nairobi in Kenya and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to visit Moses and Norbert. With me will be representatives from ICMFI the minister’s fellowship that I have my ministerial credential with along with Jacob Prasch and David Lister. Jim and John are looking to expand the work to ministers in these countries and so it’s my pleasure to introduce them. At the same time I will be looking at the recently purchased land for Moriel Missions in Kenya and speaking to leaders and also in Arusha Tanzania meeting leaders and surveying the land for our new Ebyown Children’s Village that has been sponsored by Moriel supporters. It’s going to be a blessed time and yet I believe challenging as we meet the needs of the mission field. Please pray for myself, Jim Cottingham and John Burston as we travel and seek the Lord.

We Need You!!!

That’s right. As we pioneer into Kwazulu God willing next year we will need a missionary couple to lead our work onto Kwazenzele across the road from Ebyown. Interested then email me at [email protected] or [email protected] and chat to Salvador as well.

We also need a nurse for Ebyown. Retired would be great but we need a dispensing license and so a nurse or a nurse with a handyman husband? (There’s hoping LOL) Interested, then please get hold of me ASAP and we can begin to chat.

We are looking for LONG TERM commitment in these posts so let me know.


  • For our daily bread, may the Lord never see us arrogant but ever relying on Him
  • For the Love of the Lord to be displayed in our lives as we serve Him
  • For renewed enthusiasm as we serve Him long term. Lets remember this is a marathon and not a sprint
  • For the health and walk with God of all who work at Moriel
  • God knows the things we need, we pray Gods people would come alongside us
  • Pray for all the churches that support the work and love us. May the Lord add fruit to your ministries.
  • For Sal and Di as they and us seek Gods will for Kwazulu
  • For Zak as he prepares for marriage (Nov 2nd)

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Psalm 68:5-6

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