Introducing Sibi of Ebyown

We would like to introduce you to Ebyowns new child Sibusiso or Sibi for short. We picked him up today and already hes feeling at home. Sibi has CP and cannot talk. He manages to get around quite well on his zimmer frame, in fact too well, we had to coax him down from the climbing frame . Sibi is now on ARV’s and we hope that with love and a home he will begin to develop. I must confess I was watching him get ready and he was tying is own shoe laces, very slowely, very patiently with hands that could barely bend. I thought my word, how long has it taken him to learn this skill that we all take for granted? I have to admit I admire the little chap, hes been in hospital 9 months, basically left there by family but thank the Lord through your support “God places the solitary in families” Psalm 68. Please continue in your support, we now need to buy Sibi new clothes etc, maybe you can help?

In Jesus
Dave & Lyn Royle
Moriel Missions
Psalm 68:5-6

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