Comforting Those Who Mourn December 2008

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

What can I say? This report is waaaayyyyyy overdue! This will be rather short, but I just wanted to send something to keep the people of Beslan and this ministry before your eyes.

Outreach to Beslan is still ongoing, albeit from Pittsburgh, PA.

I recently called Grandma Nahzee (whom I lived with when I was in Beslan), and had a really nice talk with her and her son, Gary. They’re doing well, and really wanted to pass on greetings to the saints ” “ so a warm and big hello to all you who love, pray for, and remember them!

A few days ago I called and talked with Madina, my good friend and English student who lost her 10-year-old brother in the terrorist attack. She said how much she and her family miss me, and the feeling is mutual ” “ but I know that The Lord, in His wisdom and goodness, closed that door for some reason and purpose. And so ‚  though ‚  I wish I ‚  could ‚  just drop by their apartment and visit with their family, a phone call is still a great thing – a blessing to talk with her, and to hear how the call brightened her day.

Yesterday I called Lena, a mom who lost her only daughter/child in the Beslan terrorist attack, and we talked some. Please keep Lena in your prayers” ¦ she has some serious health problems. And after that I called and Madinatalked with Mairbek and his family; Mairbek is the little kid who’s almost like my son… I usually visited him once a week, if not more. (Mairbek survived the attack, but his mom was killed there.) Mairbek is the little kid who would always tell me that God loved me, and that I shouldn’t open up my door at night! We had a good talk, and I also talked with his aunt (who also survived the attack and is now in college) and grandma, as well as with Mairbek’s little brother, Murat. Murat is kind of slow, though I’m not sure what his exact disability is. He aid to me, ” ˜Why don’t you come and play with us anymore? You’re always in America! Come and visit us!’ I’ve tried to explain it to him in the past, but he doesn’t understand. God willing, someday in the future I’ll visit them again and give him a good surprise!

Mairbek & JasonI’m still working on new music, ” ˜though the new CD for Beslan has been held up; one of my brothers there in Beslan recorded Philippians in his language (Ossetian), which I was set to start putting to music. That was until I discovered that for some strange reason, he read from the old Ossetian version, which even many people who speak Ossetian have a hard time understanding. Arrgghhh! But again, Yah Is Sovereign, and so may the CD come out in His timing. I’ve been working on other songs, as I’m hoping to start doing some live shows here in Pittsburgh as an opening performer for other Christian bands. For now, you can see the webpage The Lord blessed me to put together at:

Jesus never fails,

jason, [email protected]

Give thanks to YHWH, for He Is Good. His lovingkindness is everlasting! ‚   ‚   (Psalm 136)

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