People Get Ready!

by Ron Prentice, CEO

A friend of mine who pastors a California church, when asked to speak at a conference in Canada, was required to sign a pledge that he would not speak against the religion of Islam or the practice of homosexuality.

The Canadian office of Focus on the Family cannot air broadcasts that object ““ even if based on the biblical text ““ to homosexuality. ‚   Only the people of Canada who live close enough to the border can receive U.S.-based broadcasts that, so far, have the freedom to preach the whole of scripture, or mention objective research, or just state a politically incorrect opinion.

This week the news has come to us about the street preacher in England who was arrested for publicly stating his interpretation of the Bible’s words about same-sex sexual relationships. ‚   Mind you, he wasn’t condemning the lifestyle in a rant on the corner of a busy intersection. ‚   Rather, a woman asked him a question in conversation, and he answered her.

And last week, Franklin Graham, honorary chairman of the 2010 National Day of Prayer Task Force, was disinvited from speaking at the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer event. ‚   Graham has been vocal about the violent teachings of Islam since the 9/11 attacks took place in 2001. ‚   Two groups called for his removal from the event, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

In response, Graham stood and prayed yesterday morning on the sidewalks outside the Pentagon, saying Christians should “never retreat” from standing for the truth of God and His word. ‚  

The cost is getting higher to be public with our faith. ‚   Most attorneys representing city and state governments cower at threats from groups demanding the secularization of society. ‚   But why should we “never retreat?” ‚   Is it because we should demand our rights, like every other special interest group? ‚   I think the real issue is that we believe God can and will bless a society that honors Him. ‚   As we participate in the public expression of our faith ““ also known as religious freedom ““ we bring salt and light to otherwise dark places. ‚  

And how can we participate in society as salt and light? ‚   One simple way that can transform a society is to vote your worldview, and never retreat from what you know to be true. ‚   Strangely, the current mood may be to shut the mouths of those who can provide hope to the world, but we know from where hope is derived.

For help with resources on the protection of religious liberties, contact our offices at [email protected], or call 951-354-8362.

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