Idolatry In The UK

Last year I visit Thailand and during my visit I felt uneasy the whole time because of the idolatry that was everywhere. Everywhere you turned there was an idol. I felt a spiritual oppression and a real demonic work there with temples on every street corner. When I visit Rome I get the same sense as I see Roman mythology in the form of Roman Catholicsm. But now, I am sad to say, I have the same uneasiness, the same gut wrenching feeling now in my own country!

Today televised on the BBC (the most liberal, anti-Israel, anti-Christian voice of the world today) the biggest worship service in the truest sense to the pagan goddess Diana. Prayers were offered up to her, songs played for her and sermons about peace and the way she lived her good moral life were told on a day Christians would be singing, praying and preaching about the life of Jesus. And the peope love it so. There were even idols of Buddha in the interviewing rooms.

No wonder this country is in the mess it is at the moment with floods in places where crops are destroyed and terrorism in airports and our city centres. We tollerate these idols too much. We tollerate the Buddha’s being sold in Marks and Spensors, we tollerate the moon god Allah and we tollerate the humanistic philosophies that turn people into gods.

Pray for our country, pray against the idolatry, pray for God’s people that we make a stand and that they come back to repentance as many may leave the faith while worshipping these idols.

These are clearly the signs of the last days. Babel is rising, men are seekers of pleasure, lovers of selves, seeking fame. The birth pangs have begun. This means Jesus is coming soon. Be sober, be vigilant, be ready!


Anthony Royle

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