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Truth For Youth Teaching Conference

Welcome to  Truth 4 Youth

Christian Youth Conference in the UK

Welcome to Truth 4 Youth  
Christian Youth conference in the UK
This conference is designed for young adults, teenagers and their parents to engage with the issues of  TRUTH, and  DISCERNMENT  as the Bible teaches:
Heatree House Activity Centre, Manaton, Devon TQ13 9XE
   Friday 28th €“ Monday 31st
August 2015


Carl Kerby (Reasons for Hope)

Dr David Moore (Milton Baptist Church)

Tony Brown (UK Partnerships for Christ)

Tim Palmer (New Tribes Mission)

More information about our speakers this August:-  

Carl Kerby
Carl Kerby”s passion is to proclaim the authority and accuracy of the Bible and to engage the minds and hearts of believers and unbelievers so that they may experience the realities of the Word of God.   Carl was a founding Board Member and speaker “Answers in Genesis”. Carl served there for more than 15 years before co-founding the apologetics ministry, “Reasons for Hope”.
Carl was also an air traffic controller at O”Hare International Airport and is the son of a professional wrestler.   He is married to Masami and has two children and three grandchildren.

David Moore
David Moore is originally from Belfast and was saved in 1979 at the age of 17 whilst drumming in a punk rock band. David is the Pastor of Milton Baptist Church in Stoke-on-Trent.   David brings a wealth of pastoral and practical experience to his teaching which has an emphasis on expository preaching, particularly in the field of eschatology.   David is married to Hazel and has four children and two grandchildren.

Tony Brown
Tony is a former Jehovah”s Witness who got saved 20 years ago.   He is co-Pastor at Sunbridge Road Mission in Bradford and is a speaker for UK Partnerships for Christ which is an organisation dedicated to sharing the truth of the Gospel with those in cults and also teaching believers how to witness to them. He is married to Cath and they have three children.

Tim Palmer
Tim Palmer is an American missionary who served with New Tribes Mission in Senegal.   Tim is now a Bible teacher at New Tribes Mission North Cotes Bible College in Lincolnshire, UK. Tim is married to Joanne and they have three children.   Tim and his wife Joanne are also on the steering group of Truth 4 Youth and have been a part of Truth 4 Youth since 2006.                                                            

For more information or to book please go to our website  or call Graham and  Suzie  on 01929 472484.

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