“THE SUBMERGING CHURCH” – Welcome to Great Britain 2023

StreetPreachers are thrown in jail while radical moslems and militant  LGBTQ activists are allowed to openly peddle their wares unhindered.

Pastors are having their bank accounts closed for expressing biblical views of morality, while  Christian teachers , medics, and social workers are fired for the same reason. Christian social media platforms are taken down without notice or meaningful right of appeal, again, for the exact same reason. The Church of England refuses to ordain conservative Evangelical clergy for not subscribing to same sex agendas, while denominations such as Methodists and Presbyterians move further away from their biblical heritage and into anti zionism.

The Prime Minister of England, like the Taoiseach of Ireland, is a Hindu who celebrates Diwali and worships Hindu gods in No. 10, while the  First Minister of Scotland is a Moslem, as is the Mayor of London who demands further concessions be made to Islam. While some of the deceivers of yesteryear who promoted their counterfeit revivals based on levity and inebriation when no revival ever came , have been summoned to the judgment seat of Christ to give account for misleading the church, newer and even more sick figures are replacing them. One arch compromiser with LGBTQ is now Chancellor of Spurgeons Bible College. What would Charles Spurgeon have thought?

David Pawson, the last truly gifted British bible expositor in the tradition of Chas. Spurgeon, Martin Lloyd Jones, and G. Campbell Morgan is now with The Lord, but there does not appear to be another British expositor of that caliber to take his place. As we and others warned over 20 years ago, more and more believers are unable to find Christ centred scripturally based fellowships where they live. Coved amplified this.

The “Emergent Church” was a sick joke whose chief guru has flung himself headlong into the same sex marriage abomination. “Hill Song’ is now “Hell Song” with a publicly media reported and legally verified  legacy of pedophilia, homosexuality, adultry, major financial corruption, and substance abuse, DUI, and intoxication among its founders and top leaders. Lie upon Lie and heresy upon heresy has defined British and most of Western Evangelicism. What is left of it? Like Jeremiah of old, the predictions of voices such as 

Stephen Gardner, David Noakes, and things once printed in ‘Prophecy Today’ magazine have proved true. The rest have been proven to be a lie. But what is the God’s honest truth right now as incipient persecution of faithful believers looms?

With everything from AI to digital currencies and social credit scoring , backslidden Judeo-Christian nations like Britain are being set up for the anti christ. But with woke-ism infiltrating the already ecumenical denominations, so is most of the church. This is the current reality.

Despite these things God’s Word warned would come before Jesus returns, Jesus remains The Rock upon which His church is built and He promises us that the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against it. But where in contemporary Great Britain is this church that in the end  is assured  the victory in Christ? The sins of Sodom have returned but its judgment comes as does the the rescue of the righteous. The “Emergent Church” was just one of many demonically inspired charades invented by false teachers, promoted by crackpots, and subscribed to by doctrinally ignorant and undiscerning Christians who preferred to rather read ‘The Purpose Driven Lie’ and ‘The Shack’, instead of reading the Word of God. The SUBMERGENT CHURCH however is a God given reality.


We may lose most of the battles, but because of Jesus and His Return, in the end, we win the war. There can be no other outcome.

You are invited to come hear Pastor Tim Leech and James Jacob Prasch address these painful yet hopeful realities. Maranatha!

MORIEL BIBLE CONFERENCE 17th- 19th November, 2023

Yarnfield Training & Conference Centre
Yarn Nr Stone, Staffordshire, England
ST15 0NL

Cost £190 per person all rooms en-suite – No supplement for singles
5 star restaraunt

For booking forms contact
Beryl Hunter
[email protected]
Or tel 07485630836

(nearest airports: Manchester International or Birmingham International; nearest rail station: Stone, West Midlands)


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