The Primary Opposition

What was the first opposition little David, not yet king but king-to-be, little David faced? Was it the Philistine? No. Was it Goliath? No. It was his worthless, loser brethren. “Who left you with those few sheep? You”ve got a little church! We”ve got Kensington Temple!”Kensington Temple doesn”t seem capable of stopping the march of Islam; Kensington Temple can not only not get pornography off the television, it can”t even close the the porn shop on the corner right across the street from it.

“Who left you with those few sheep?” Those who have real power, any real capacity to do anything are not the big ones. The big ones have sold out long ago. Your first enemy ” the first enemy ” will be the loser, coward brethren. “I know your insolence!” King David says it was just a question. “No, it was the wrong question!” On the contrary it was the right one.

Mr. Weaver, you promoted Toronto, you told us it was revival. Mr Glass, Mr. Lewis, you told us this was revival, this was the breakthrough. Mr. Colt you said a revival has happened, revival has come. Where is it? We”re pushing 10 years and they”ve all gotten bigger, we”ve lost more turf, where is it? I”m asking the question why should we believe you now? We’re far worse off now than we were 10 years ago. ReadThe Brierly Reports or the Barna report in America. We are losing while you were laughing. What are you going to do now?

What are you going to do now that Christians are being arrested on the streets of London and Bournemouth for evangelism? What are you going to do now when they”re teaching religious education in the school ” Hindu, Muslim, Taoist, but not Christian? What are you going to do? What are you going to do when a man from Liverpool has his head sawed off on the Internet? And people will openly speak out against this country saying, “Good for them”. When the next day after children were shot in the back on Dresden and in Russia. A Muslim clergyman contended in London said it would be justified to do the same thing in England. Did the politicians say anything? No, why should they? The church wouldn’t, except Colin Chapman and Steve Chalke, “Oh, these people can be saved without Christ.”

“You ask the wrong question!”  No, David asked the right question. You”re a loser; where”s your big talk now? You said it was revival, you said there was victory, you said there was blessing. Were you a liar or a moron or both? I’m only asking the question.

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