The Lord’s Weapons

He takes his sling and his stick and off he goes. “Who left you with those few sheep? Why are you asking questions? You came to see the battle, you came to watch us lose again!” No, I”m tired of watching you lose; I want to see somebody win. So the story goes on.

The Philistine taunts him. He”s confident, he”s aggressive, he”s arrogant, and David runs towards him. “You come against me with a sword, a spear, and a javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel.” Not the armies of Israel ” I agree they”re a bunch of losers. I’m not coming to you on behalf of the so-called Evangelical church in Britain anymore, I agree ” they”re all losers led by incompetents and cowards. I agree. I’m coming to you in the name of the God of these incompetents. There”s a big difference.

We know how Goliath was armed and how he was armored. He had jeets, a breastplate, a shield, a helmet, but there was one place he could not defend. Every Goliath, no matter how big, how aggressive, how well-armed, how well-protected ” it doesn”t matter ” everyone of them have one place on their head they cannot protect or defend. They all have a point of vulnerability. And somewhere there is a stone that will bring them down ” you just have to know where the spot is and which stone.

Hey, Mohammed, you say Allah will give you victory in the Jihad against the infidel? I ask you why after six jihads a 150 million Muslims can”t beat 4 or 5 million Jews? “It’s because of America”. Is God afraid of America? The Jews beat you in “67.and got that land before America even began to help them. He can”t answer; down he goes.

Hey, Mohammed, you have “Ummah” ” you”re “one nation and one people”? Well the book of Genesis says you”re a divided nation and a divided people. Why did Kuwait get invaded by Iraq? Why did King Hussein of Jordan exterminate Arafat”s Palestinians in Black September? Why did Iran and Iraq go to war if you”re one people? You don”t see the Christian democracies declaring war on each other, but no Muslim country”s a democracy. You kill each other. Your religion doesn’t work, ours does. Down he goes.

Hey, Monsignor! I notice your bishop is under  indictment. You know, that”s your colleague. Yeah, the one who “loved” children. You know, St. Paul said that”s a doctrine of demons, Monsignor. We”re not talking about one bad apple, we”re talking about a rotten barrel. Every day it”s in the newspaper. It”s gone up to the cardinal and now up to the Vatican. Paul says it”s a doctrine of devils, Monsignor. Read the newspaper. Down they go.

Hey, Rabbi Burkowitz! Mind You now the New Testament says Jesus the Rabbi from Nazareth said one day the Jews would return to Israel and to Jerusalem. How come God had to use Jewish atheists and agnostics? How come He used the Zionists who were Socialists? To them religion was only culture ” they were atheists. The people on the moshavs and the kibbutzes were atheists. How come God had to use atheists to restore Israel instead of rabbis? How come you rabbis condemned Theodore Herzl and the Zionist movement? If you were the shepherds of God’s people, how come God had to use Jews that didn’t even believe in God to bring His people home? Down they go.

No matter how big, no matter how aggressive, there”s always something they cannot defend. There is always a spot of vulnerability ” that”s the target. Don”t look at how big he is, don”t look at his armor, don”t look at his weapons, don”t look at his aggression, just focus on that target and find the appropriate stone. That’s what it takes, that”s all it takes.

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