Wonders of Islam – 125 million Little Girls Have Their Genitals Cut Off


by Pat Franklin

Unicef reveals today that 125 million little girls have had their genitals cut off in the barbarous practice of female genital mutilation.  It is the equivalent  of  slicing off the end of a boy’s penis.    Thank the Lord that is never done, but female mutilation is done and in Egypt and Somalia the practice is almost universal.   These countries are  of course   Islamic, but that word is never  mentioned.   Might offend the  muslims.     Can’t have that.

Islam allows it because Muhammed did not forbid it, and what Muhammed did not forbid is allowed in the cruel and twisted  logic of Islam.

The radio report I heard  about this only said ‘certain ethnic groups’ continued to mutilate their little girls.   It did not mention the word ‘Islam’.   Oh no.   Have to tread carefully with the muslims.   Don’t mention their religion at all.     Better to forcibly  hold down 125 million  dear little girls and slice off their clitoris, and the labia as well in some cases,  and don’t bother with any anaesthetic.    After all, they’re only female.

If there was one shred of kindness in Islam, the so-called religious leaders would stop the practice tomorrow by outlawing it.   They are silent.

What a contrast to Christianity, with the deep love Jesus showed for women, even for the worst of women.    Especially  for the worst of women.   What a contrast to the Bible’s commands that men love, respect and protect women.

What a contrast to the words of Jesus that anyone who offends against one of the little ones is going to get his comeuppance – that it would be better for that person to have a millstone tied around his neck and be thrown into the sea.   That would be a better fate than what the Lord has planned for those who offend against His little ones.

OK Islam, you claim to be a religion of peace and tolerance.   Let’s see some action on female mutilation.   Some very quick and decisive action, like stopping it in its tracks today, not even waiting one more day.   At least show this one shred of human kindness to helpless little girls.

Do you think they will?   Don’t hold your breath.

And finally…are our post-Christian countries any better?   No, we are worse.   We don’t cut the genitals off little girls; we kill them, and the little boys as well.   So far, about 56 million in America, almost the same as the entire population of Britain.   And in Britain we have murdered about 7.5 million babies, about 500 a day.   At one end of our hospitals we fight to save babies’ lives.   At the other end we kill them and send them to incinerators.

Is there any end to all this evil?   Yes, the gospel of Jesus Christ.   Only through Jesus can people have their foul sins forgiven.   Only through Jesus can people’s hearts be changed.   This is true and it is real.   I know because my own heart was changed and my sins forgiven the night I put my trust in Jesus and begged Him for forgiveness.

Dear friends, He will always hear that prayer!   He is the Savior!   He will forgive you and save   you from Hell.   He will give you a new heart and make you new from the inside out, a new creation, born again of the Holy Spirit.

A good prayer:   Dear God, this world is so awful I can hardly stand to live in it.   The Bible says You sent Your only begotten Son, Jesus, into this world to suffer and die as a sacrifice for all our horrible sins.   I may not be as bad as some people, but I have sins too and I can’t change the bad things I have done and said and thought  in the past.   The Bible says that all have sinned and no one is fit for Heaven.   But it also says that Jesus’ blood shed on the cross at Calvary can count for me, for a sacrifice for my sins.   Lord Jesus, I put my faith in You.   I believe that You died on the cross of Calvary, were buried and rose again from the dead on the third day – all as prophesied in many scriptures.   I put my trust in You.   Please wash my sins away by the power of Your holy blood, shed for me.   Please make me one of Your people.  Please help me to understand the Bible and to serve You for the rest of my life.

Note:    Muhammed married his favorite wife when she was only six years old.   He was an illiterate Arab camel driver in what is now Saudi Arabia when he began having visions and then founded the false faith of Islam, worshipping the moon god Allah.   Please read our  Table of Truth:   Islam versus  the Bible, home page on the left.   Feel free to copy and print out and distribute.  This is also a chapter in our book  Cults and Isms:   True or False?  available from our webshop.

Do we hate muslims?   Of course not, far from it!   We love them enough to tell the truth about their religion, which is sending them to Hell.   We want them to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, to  be forgiven of their sins, to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to become citizens of Heaven!   That is our goal.   Our question is:   why are the pulpits silent about all this?   Where are the strong  Christian leaders who should be denouncing lies and thundering out the truth?   Is there anybody out there?

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