Muslim Teacher Refused Position At Christian College

A MUSLIM student teacher has labelled a Christian school in Wyndham (near Werribee) discriminatory for refusing her a position based on her religion.

But Heathdale Christian College is standing by its decision, saying that as a faith-based school it expects its teachers, including student ones, to support its Christian perspective, the Wyndham Leader reports.

Mother-of-two Rachida Dahlal, 35, has complained to the Equal Opportunity Commission on the grounds of discrimination, prejudice and unequal employment opportunities.

Salt Shakers Comment

Has Rachida Dahlal been unfairly treated by Heathdale Christian College ? NO.

Has she been discriminated against? Yes.

But discrimination is often not wrong, and in the case of a Christian School we would consider this decision a perfectly reasonable one.
Some Muslim Schools have employed non-Muslims, even Christians, in certain roles – but that is their choice.

Perhaps it is convenient when you later want to undermine another religion’s “˜teaching and values’!!!!

We believe this is the school simply being sensible and consistent with its Christian values.

Under the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act the School should have an exception (Section 76) against employing anyone who does not hold to Christian teaching and beliefs, so there should be no case to be answered.

That said, the fact that the government has been reviewing ‘exceptions’ – this a great time for raising this issue in the public arena, just like the case against the CYC Adventure Camp on Phillip Island.

Clearly the Muslims are now trying to undermine our freedoms just as the homosexuals are!!!

The Exceptions Review has been sent to the Victorian Parliament’s Srutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee – they are doing an initial report – then asking for SUBMISSIONS in May – so stay tuned! Click here for details.

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Yes, it’s a clearly discriminatory decision
No, the school is simply being sensible

Current vote is 87% saying ‘NO’.

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FULL article in the Wyndham Leader – click here

An article in The Age today – click here

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