Letter From an Iranian Prison Cell

We wonder if Sizer can ask his Islamic “insha allah” Iranian friends & brethren if they can release this pastor whom they have repeatedly tortured and beaten for his faith in Jesus from prison. Israel protects the rights of Christians, but as long as you hate Israel you are Sizer’s brother and you can seemingly imprison, torture, and kill as many,   Christians as you wish. When Sizer was invited to Iran by a vehemently anti Semitic Iranian government organisation to appear on TV and blast Israel he uttered not a single syllable on behalf of the much persecuted church in Iran. Sizer’s,   only cause is to oppose those who protect Christians and side with those who hate and martyr them. Steven Sizer is an Anglican vicar in Christchurch, England.

Thursday, ‚  November 29, 2012

Letter from an Iranian prison cell

Behnam Irani is an Iranian Pastor who, because of his Christian faith is serving a six-year jail sentence in Karaj Ghezal Hesar prison in Iran. Behnam, aged 41, has difficulty walking, is unable to see properly and is suffering from a bleeding ulcer in his intestines for which he has not received adequate medical treatment. He has also been subjected to regular beatings from other prisoners and the prison guards.

Despite his failing health in prison Pastor Behnam has written a letter from his prison cell urging Christians to keep their love alive and strong.

He writes: ‘I never forgot what made me thirsty for the knowledge and the contemplation in this faith. It was the love I received and witnessed in the lives of the believers.’

At the same time he describes how most of his fellow prisoners are addicted to drugs, especially crystal meth. ‘I observed that this drug develops a condition that is called illusion. In this condition, individuals assume what is not real to be real and react to it. Somehow the root of much of the murderous violence that is happening among prisoners here is a result of the illusion caused by crystal meth abuses.’ He adds: ‘Unfortunately it seems the church is illusion about love and is receding from the truth of Jesus’ love more and more.’

‘In jail I have attained new experiences about love. Here I live with cellmates that you can hardly see something positive in their lives and personalities. Neither God nor common values of the society have any place in their lives and thoughts. They don’t think about anything but negative values, abhorrent acts, learning new experiences in crimes and nasty literature. I look at them and whisper to myself, ‘do they really deserve prayers and intercessions?’ Immediately, I remember that Jesus Christ was sacrificed for their sins too. ‘He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world.’ (1 John 2:2)

‘I break under this level of love. I become weary of myself for being unable to reflect this love to the darkness of my surroundings. I never condemn anyone. If I do I myself am much worthier of condemnation. I only warn: ‘Oh church, be awake. Remember the love of the days of your engagement, the love that was free of selfishness.’

(This is an excerpt from a letter by Pastor Behnam Irani received and translated by Present Truth Ministries.)

Please support Behnam in prayer and by emailing the Iranian authorities asking for clemency and his release. Please use the pre-written email you can access by clicking here (just add your name and location at the end).

Please invite others to join our Facebook Cause ‘Release Behnam Irani’ here.


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