The Elephants Have Become Christians!

By David Warnock

The Hindu villagers ran for their lives. Wild elephants, on a rampage, were storming into their community. Later, when the villagers felt it was safe to return from the forest’s fringe, they stood in shock. Their houses had been completely, apparently methodically, destroyed. Perhaps it was no coincidence. One year ago-to the very day-these same Hindus had methodically destroyed the homes of nearby Christians. The word quickly spread: “The elephants have become Christians!”

It was in the latter part of 2008 when radical Hindu mobs went on rampages against Christians in India’s Orissa state. Their goal was to eradicate Christianity from all of India, starting with Orissa. The violence and persecution was widespread and severe.


One of the hardest hit districts was Kandhamal-attacked on August 23, 2008-a key date to remember. Eighty-six Christians were martyred, and an untold number of women were raped. About 5,200 Christian homes were destroyed. Almost three-hundred churches and Christian organizations were ransacked as believers ran for their lives into the dense forest. Fifty-thousand were made homeless in Kandhamal alone, though five other districts experienced the same persecution.

Exactly one year after the Kandhamal nightmare, the Hindu fanatics who persecuted the Body of Christ faced tribulation of their own. On August 23, 2009, fifteen elephants made an uncommon visit to the district and displayed some uncommon behavior. As if they were vehicles of God’s vengeance, the elephants used their huge bodies to bulldoze and trample house after house. Seven-hundred houses were destroyed before the massive animals withdrew to the wilderness. Astonishingly, about six-hundred and fifty of those homes belonged to the Hindu radicals who took part in the rampage against believers one year earlier. It is no surprise that many people believed that the elephants had become Christian.

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