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I am finding it quite disturbing of the news which states that the Queen is allowing for the Pope to stay at Buckingham Palace on his visit to the United Kingdom next year. It is equally disturbing that the Queen and members of the Royal Family have an affinity to Roman Catholicism. If so, then expect the Judgement of God to deepen upon this nation of ours. What with the shenanigans that are taking place within ,  the Church of England, the charismatics doing their own thing in the sight of God, and the modern western christian church in disarray, judgement is surely taking place in the House of the Lord. And upon the nation!

The Roman Catholic Church is considered to be the biggest cult on earth and has a lot of wealth and power influencing governments and policians. Its doctrines and practices are contrary to scripture. The religion allows the worship of Mary and prays to her. It worships idols of stone in their churches.

Many in the christian church embraces RCs to be their brothers and sisters in the Lord. There are so called charismatic catholics who put Mary first before the Lord Jesus Christ. Something is spiritually wrong if the RC is to be embraced and accepted. Why not embrace other religions too which ecumenicalism promotes and encourages?
You decide after reading this article taken from a leading newspaper. And please click onto the web site below to find out the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

John, as ever reporting and being watchful while he is able.

Pope Benedict will be sent to Coventry for climax of his visit

As the backdrop to the climatic moments of Pope Benedict XVI’s historic first trip to Britain, it seems, to say the least, unexpected.

Tim Walker
Published: 10:00PM GMT 15 Dec 2009 – DAILY TELEGRAPH

Mandrake hears, however, that the centrepiece of the pontiff’s visit, the beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman, will take place at Coventry Airport.

“It is a nice central location and holds good memories because Pope John Paul II spoke there during his 1982 visit,” whispers my Roman Catholic mole.

This month, the company that owns Coventry Airport, a collection of Portakabins on a windy industrial estate, was wound up by the High Court after failing to pay a tax bill. It meant that the runway in Coventry was unlicensed and planes carrying passengers could not use it.

The airport is best known in recent years for the death of Jill Phipps, an animal rights protester, during clashes with police over the export of live calves in 1995.

Wembley Stadium had previously been seen as a more likely venue for the beatification ceremony, which is the last process before sainthood, of Cardinal Newman, who converted from Anglicanism in 1845.

The Pope, 82, is expected to stay at Buckingham Palace in September when he makes only the second Papal visit to this country since Henry VIII broke with Rome and established the Church of England 500 years ago.
I reported in October that sources at the Vatican claimed the Queen’s sympathy for Catholicism had increased as she had become “appalled”, along with the Prince of Wales, at developments in the Church of England, of which she is Supreme Governor. The Queen, 83, is said to have an “affinity” with the Holy Father, who is of her generation.

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