Jacob Prasch In The Philippines

Jacob Prasch joined Roger Oakland and the Bryce Foundation missionaries (Bryce foundation is the Third World Missions branch of Moriel’s,  sister ministry – Understand The Times) in The Philippines for two series of pastor’s training conferences, two prison ministries and assistance to impoverished children. Their work of Roger Oakland’s ministry is as difficult as our own mission work directed by Dave Royle in Africa.

These photos are the children who live in the stinking rubbish tips scavenging through garbage ‚  to survive; they even scavenge for food. The toxic fumes they constantly ‚  breath ‚  damage their lungs. I have enclosed photos of their homes in the ‚  rubbish heaps (if you want to call it a home)’. The poverty and disease of both little children are unbelievable.

Jacob in the Philippines

Bryce Foundation Philippines


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