Haiti Update April 2010

Our container of tents will be clearing customs in ten days. This delay is forcing us to delay the half of the team scheduled to be arriving on this Monday, April 12 who would be focusing on distributing and erecting the tents. We are rescheduling that effort to coincide with other efforts with more cargo arrivals in May as the Lord provides.

The rest of the team is on schedule to be in PAP on the 12th and in Caneille on the 13th. Their focus will be to install all the radio station equipment and get the station operational. They will also be distributing self-powered hand-crank radios to the residents of the relief camp. In addition, they will be helping construct the kitchen for the camp, performing maintenance on the diesel generator, and assessing the other on-going needs of the camp: permanent latrines & showers, water needs, tent needs, school needs, and future construction plans as well as solar power systems.

We are watching the Lord bring to fruition the connection with EcoBlue Products and their CEO, Steve Conboy. Steve is working toward shipping some pre-fab ready-to-assemble 16′ x 20′ housing units in three shipping containers also loaded with food generated from an on-going food drive from San Diego, CA. These efforts have been generating TV coverage of the camp on San Diego’s local NBC and other TV news stations (http://www.youtube.com/wat ch?v=f0Dnsff_Eio). We have other teams from Calvarys around the country standing by ready to help construct these and the necessary foundations. The units have been engineered for high earthquake loads and hurricane-force winds. There appears to be a door opening to acquire many, perhaps hundreds, of these housing units.

We are praising the Lord for the provision of a quality used Toyota 4×4 truck! Bastia is very happy with the quality of the vehicle, please see the attached picture.

In Jesus,
Pastor Lane

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