Missions Report – Moriel Thailand Feb 2017

This month has been a good month to see my parents here in Thailand.  We just sent them to the airport.  Micah has been enjoying the extra attention and tomorrow will probably be crying for “Gampa” and “Gamma.”


This month also has been a good month to celebrate the baptisms of 4 of our students and the baptism of our gardener also.  Here are some pictures attached of that.  Please pray for them and their families.  This is only the beginning of their walk with the Lord and fruitfulness for His kingdom.

At one of the baptisms I handed out some tracts to 4 young men before the baptism and asked them where they would go if they died.  One of them answered plainly that he would go to hell.  I asked him if he’s worried about that and he said yes and then shared the gospel with them.  They looked like rough individuals.  I don’t know what they have done before, but they did not think they would be going to heaven.  May God touch their hearts to repent and commit their lives to Jesus.

Women’s Prison

My Dad and I had “Happy Birthday” sung to us (we have the same birthday) and received some gifts from our students and the staff in prison.  Tomorrow they said we will have about 95 students!  We are enjoying teaching there and sharing the gospel.

Juvenile Prison

Teaching at the juvenile prison has been a good opportunity for sowing seeds.  Last week we had a good group of students and I shared with them about the prophecies of the Bible and how God used that to reveal Himself to people.  We do not know the future, but we commit our lives to the One who does.

Thank you for your prayers and support.  

Peace in Christ, 

Scott, Khae, and Micahberekiah.


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