Messianic writer Olivier Melnick: CATC is getting worse & Larnaca is a trap

by Dudi
March 1, 2016

You have to read Olivier Melnick’s excellent article at the Times of Israel, taking an open-eyed look at the upcoming Christ at the Checkpoint conference.

Here’s his conclusion:

So forgive me for not getting too hopeful about the fourth iteration of “Christ at the Checkpoint.”  I think that it is progressively getting worse. How can we possibly speak of Christian love, justice and reconciliation with such a line-up of hypocrites at best and antisemites at worst?


Instead of watching the conference online and be indoctrinated by a false narrative, you would better spend your time watching a series of videos directed by my dear friend Perry Trotter from New Zealand. The site is Evangelical Zionism and it divides into seven videos for a total of 45 minutes very well spent. I really wish that the speakers and attendees of CatC 2016 would spend that 45 minutes watching these videos, then I would be hopeful that we possibly could have a balanced dialogue. Unfortunately, I think that CatC has now gone too far. Sadly, many evangelicals do not see it that way!

Olivier Melnick ought to be commended for his clarity and integrity, as the first prominent Messianic teacher in ministry to buck the trend of tolerating the Larnaca Document, whilst also providing an in-depth and skilful critique of the upcoming theological-antisemitism-fest that goes by the name of Christ at the Checkpoint.

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