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Moriel Ministries new email News Alert is a publication which is sent directly to your inbox regularly, warning the body of Christ to Be Alert! for the present signs of the soon-to-be Returning King of kings and Lord of lords, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Our Moriel correspondent, Scott Brisk, is the editor of Be Alert! whose job as watchman is to scan for all news items having a Biblical significance and to alert the body of Christ in these last days.

Moriel Ministries does not necessarily endorse everything that is transmitted to our email groups as being completely trustworthy of Godly as some items could be drawn from secular sources. Nor does it suggest in any way that any individual or organization mentioned should be followed or given any special credence. Be Alert! is for the dissemination of information only and Godly discretion must be applied by recipients to every transmission received by them from us.

Therefore If the present state of events in this dark hour is of concern to you and like us you are looking up for our coming Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, Be Alert! is for you.

So what are you waiting for? Sign-up free today!

Problems Receiving BeAlert

Every time an issue of Be Alert! is sent out we receive a list of bounced back email addresses. Reasons for this include an email account that is no longer active, a rejection because an email account has met or exceeded it’s storage size limit, or a block because Be Alert! was mistaken for spam.

Going through these bounced back emails is time consuming but necessary since inactive email accounts need to be deleted. In order to be a better steward of time we are now tagging email accounts that are rejecting the alert due to exceeding its size limit. After 3 rejections we will consider your account inactive and delete it.

Concerning spam rejections you must either update your anti-spam software to allow the alert to be delivered or contact your ISP and ask them to stop blocking an email service you requested.

Sometimes no matter what you do, you may still have problems receiving the alert. In that case we suggest you open on of the following FREE on-line email accounts that we have found work very well:

Windows Live HotmailYahoo MailGoogle GMail

Of course you can always re-subscribe to Be Alert! at any time if your email address has been removed.

If you have any questions please contact [email protected]

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