It’s Infiltrated Religion

You have a bishop in Denmark who doesn”t believe in God. They can”t fire him because it”s against the law.

They”ve created a hermaphroditic human being by cloning it in a test tube. They”re creating monsters. I thought bio-medical science was aimed at preventing birth defects ” they”re creating freaks.

The pope put out a statement recently about a month ago. “Devotion to Mary to bring one closer to God.” says the pope, and he”s pushing it to go with other religions. In the same month ” that is September of last month, I got this in Australia and in another paper it was here and I”m sure it was in America, “The Vatican”s Big Secret: Criminale Solicitessiones“. It was issued by Pope John XXIII 40 years ago and reissued two years ago by the present pope. It instructs bishops to protect pedophile priests and nuns by transferring them abroad out of the country, away from the jurisdiction of the law where the offenses were committed. A Vatican instruction! And so the church pays hush money to sex victims, including the cardinal in London. He”s only doing what the pope told him. That was September. Guess what else happened in the month of September? Devotion to Mary. “Criminale Solicitessiones” ” don”t protect the little children, protect the pedophiles. This is the Hindu feast of Aarti ” it goes back to Shiva worship. “I am the Lord your God; you will have no other gods before Me.” (Deut 5:6-7) That”s the pope in India taking the Aarti. That”s OK with Nicki; “Let”s work together”. That is the man that people have looked to re-evangelize this country, and we’re talking about preaching the Gospel of the Last Days. Let’s talk about it. In such a climate, how do we preach the Gospel? In such a climate persecution is looming. People already on the streets preaching the Gospel are in jail for it. How do you preach the Gospel in such a climate?

Remember, we always pointed out, the oldest enemies of the Gospel in Ireland were the Druids; now the Archbishop of Canterbury, the leader of the national church is one. The new Archbishop of Canterbury praises Alpha. I mean, if a Druid likes it, it must be alright. If a man who ordains homosexuals praises Alpha, it must be a good thing

Essentially what is happening is that these other groups are growing. In essence, the New Age movement is nothing but the growth of Hinduism and mystical Buddhist and Taoism, but it”s basically Hindu. The growth of Islam, the fastest-growing institutionalized religion, the growth of Mormonism the fastest-growing so-called Christian religion, the Ecumenical movement. Although Rome is declining it is gaining momentum by ecumenical union, These things are growing, we are declining. And, of course, our leaders who promised us revival? “Bring a broom. Bring a broom”. When you confront them with the facts all they can do is bring the broom, (Isa 14:23) sweep it under the carpet. As Ezekiel said, they get the whitewash out. (Ezek 13:10) The question, “Why should you believe them now?” Don”t ask that question because they can”t answer it. The fact is you shouldn”t believe them now, you shouldn”t have believed them then. But people will still believe them. It’s amazing how people will do that! How can you continue to believe people who got it wrong?

This is the Millennial Dawn, published by the Jehovah”s Witnesses in 1889 when the organization was is in its infancy. “The battle of the great day of God Almighty, (Rev 16:14) which will end in A.D. 1914 with the complete overthrow of the earth”s present rulership has already commenced.” In 1889 they were saying that in 1914, that was going to be it. And at least a half dozen times they’ve moved the date, but people will still believe them.

What is the difference between a Jehovah’s Witness and somebody in the Assemblies of God? None! They”re doing the same thing. How can we preach the Gospel in a climate like this? What will people believe? the unbelievable; Adolf Hitler”s baptism certificate.

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