How Do You Defend

The Philistine is powerful, the Philistine is aggressive, the Philistine is confident, the Philistine is haughty, and God’s people shake in their boots unable to defend their land from the invasion.

How can God protect Britain when the royal forces will allow a ship in the Royal Navy, her majesty”s vessel, to have a Satanist practicing his religion? But how can the Church of Jesus Christ stand against the onslaught of Darwinism, of militant homosexuality and lesbianism taking over the schools, teaching little children it”s normal, broadcasting their perversion on the BBC ” channel 4 and ITV ” with impunity?

How can the church stand against the tide of ecumenical deception, and not least of all if not most of all, how can it withstand the aggression of militant Islam in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bradford, getting worse by the day, seeking to deprive Christians of their rights in this country they deprive us of in their own countries? And a government that will just give it to them. A Christian leader like Steve Chalke saying, “Well they can be loved to Christ”. We can”t beat them so we”ll just say they can be saved, too.

How can the church of Christ withstand the rise of a paganism when the Archbishop of Canterbury joins a Druid sect and ordains homosexuals himself?

How can I stop it? No wonder these people are confident. Looking at the church, if the church today were my opponent I would balk at them as well. The church is being mocked and deserves to be; it does not have the wherewithal. All of their battle plans fail, be it Teen Challenge, Alpha, Purpose Driven ” none of it can stop the invasion of the Philistine. He gets more aggressive, he gets more bold, he gets more haughty, he gets more aggressive, more assertive, more downright nasty.

And the so-called armies of the Lord cower to the point where a Christian leader will say, “They can belong to Christ, too”. Where a Colin Chapman will say, “They can be saved, too. We have to oppose Israel, but we have to embrace the Muslims”. That’s an evangelical; least he claims to be. Where a Stephen Sizer will turn his back on the persecuted church in the Middle East and embrace the Muslims who persecute them, ganging up on Israel, the one nation that protects the rights of Christians. “We give up; come, Goliath”. Goliath doesn’t give up. You”re not going to placate Goliath, he”s going to get more nasty; he”s demon-possessed.

Islam is demonic, New Age is demonic, Mormonism is demonic, it”s the fastest growing so-called Christian sect in this country. They are confident. The Mormons are confident. The Muslims are confident. Can you blame them when homosexuals and lesbians are being ordained? Can you blame militant homosexuality for being confident when the Methodists, the Presbyterians, the United Reformed Church will all ordain them? No wonder they”re confident. And anything they try to stop it fails.

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