Five Questions for You

The following resources were especially developed by Jacob as a result of his own spiritual search and personal research. Nothing here is intended to be mocking or derisive, but provided as legitimate questions needing to be answered by those who embrace these particular faiths. Anyone may contact Moriel directly for further information by sending an email to: [email protected].


Shalom! My name is Jacov ” Jacob, and someone directed you here because you are Jewish and they were interested in speaking to you about the relationship between Christianity and Judaism.

Jehovah’s Witness

Hello. This is for my friends who are Jehovah’s Witnesses. I”ve met a number of them in America and in Britain and in other countries, and they”ve come to my door several times. And we spent time together, sometimes hours.


Hello, my dear friends. I”m speaking, of course, to our Catholic friends, and I mean friends. I have many Catholic friends and, on my mother”s side of the family, Catholic relatives, including my mother.


Hello, friends, my name is Jacob Prasch and I have met a number of Mormons. I have attended the “Miracle of Mormonism” pageant in Manti, Utah where I met mainstream Mormons and I met fundamentalism Mormons.

“Marhaba. Ismi Yakub.” Hello, my name is Jacob, happy to meet you,
I”ve been meeting a lot of Muslims in Britain and America and other countries and I’ve been talking to them.
“What I believe now is that Hindus and Christians are the same, we believe in the same god. Hindus are in actual fact Christians and Christians are Hindus €¦”
There are many things which a dead man can”t do. One very important thing a dead man can”t do is to save a person”s soul.
Buddhist in Thai
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