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The Daniel Factor

This book was written to accompany Jacob’s part in the film, “The Daniel Project”. Jacob expands on that documentary and explains more fully about the world in which we live today and what it may mean in the light of those Biblical prophecies.

People are looking for answers, instinctively knowing that whilst great efforts are made to bring peace in our troubled world, all is not well. An increase in natural and man made disasters, geo-political tensions and an economic crisis create the sense of a gatherng storm which has become a part of us all.

Since 1948, hundreds of ancient predictions, written thousands of years ago, are now unfolding before us. News agencies from around the world beam satellite images into our homes that could have come straight from the pages of the Bible.

According to Daniel and other Biblical prophets, only the wise will understand how to read the signs and respond – as people around the world will continue to be so busy with their lives; buying and selling, planting and building, unaware of the terrible events that will overtake them.

  • Jews will be exiled and persecuted throughout the world

  • In the last days the Jews will return to their homeland

  • Jerusalem will become the centre of world tension

  • The lost language of Hebrew will be restored to Israel

  • In the last days, pools of water will appear in the desert

  • Fruits, forests, vineyards and olive groves arise from the dust

  • Man-made and natural disasters will increase

  • Lawlessness, moral and social breakdown

  • Christian apostasy, mass spiritual delusion, a great leader

  • A great leader to bring peace within a new world order

  • World government, a forced financial system, state control

  • A peace treaty signed – yet a military coalition attacks Israel

  • Earthquake to split Mount of Olives, water will flow from under Jerusalem

  • Near the end, a great temple is constructed in Jerusalem

  • The East Gate in the city wall will be sealed until the end

  • The kings from the East cross the Euphrates River for war

  • The war that will end all wars – Armageddon

  • Only the wise will escape

Electronic version is now available as an Ebook and is available at Amazon for $5.99.

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The Daniel Project

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“In an age where evangelism has become so difficult in the developed world we must recall the instruction of Jesus to “Preach The Gospel of The Kingdom”—that is using eschatology and end time prophecy to engage in evangelistic dialogue, to proclaim the urgency of the need for salvation in the face of a returning Christ amidst a fast coming global cataclysm with the Middle East at its epicenter.

“This flies in the face of Kingdom Now theology with its latter day rain nonsense, and confronts the false and dangerous teachings of Rick Warren to reject the commands of Jesus to “be alert” for these signs—and it also counters the false doctrines of Replacement Theology propounded by such false teachers as John Stott and John Piper. In an age of ecumenical and emergent apostasy, the faithful Church must rally to the instructions of Jesus and preach the true Gospel in the face of His coming return and in light of the prophetic events encapsulated in Scripture, no place more than in the Book of Daniel from where most of the prophetic predictions of he Book of Revelation originate.

“The Daniel Project is a secular film production with a scriptural message, focus and theme which can reach non-believers in a post-modern world. A companion book will be published soon, but the producers have made available a special edition DVD set which is an effective tool for house groups, church groups and one-to-one dialogue. Even non-believers want to know the future. In an age of political, economic, strategic and environmental uncertainty, people sense something is happening and want answers; we have them. Bible codes and Da Vinci Codes are but fiction; the Book of Daniel, however, is true. Conspiracy theories are borderline lunacy while the Book of Daniel is cogent, plausible and coherent.

“I have prayed about such a project for years, and when the producers approached me I knew it was indeed God’s time. Remember, this is a secular product and a secular production which takes the message into the secular world via the secular market. We would urge all who seek the salvation of the lost and who look to the return of Jesus to obtain a copy of the DVD and the soon to be published companion book for their benefit

“Time is getting short, and the time to raise our voices is now.”

Jacob Prasch

Further Information: The Daniel Project documentary film made for TV and cinema is also available as a special edition boxed DVD set featuring Jacob Prasch, Dr. Siam Bhayro, Doug Harris, Rabbi Glick and others. The special Bonus DVD includes an interview with Jacob Prasch explaining “The Way of Escape” which is especially crucial viewing for non-believers.

Details including trailers can be seen at

If you have already seen this film you can support it and help the international distributor obtain public television viewings by leaving a review on the Facebook “Reviews” page
This documentary simply presents the facts and leaves the viewer to make up his or her own mind.

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The Dilemmaof Laodicia

There are “things which you have seen“, “things which are“, and “things which will take place“.

The seven churches of the book of Revelation, which actually existed in the 1st Century (“things which you have seen“), also represent seven broad types of churches that can exist at any time in history (“things which are“), and seven generally overlapping periods of church history (“things which will take place“). These letters to the seven churches of Asia can be applied in four main ways:Z
€¢ They existed literally and historically at the end of the 1st Century A.D.
€¢ They are seven types of churches which exist at any time throughout history.
€¢ They represent seven types of churches that will exist at the end of the age.
€¢ They correspond quite well to seven periods of church history.
This book examines the history of the church in light of the letters of Jesus Christ to the seven churches in Asia, as recorded by John in his Revelations. Unless learning can be achieved from the errors of the past it is a sure thing that those errors will be repeated.

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Israel,the Church & the Jews

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Israel, The Church and The Jews is a themed  assortment of biblical teachings and essays focused on providing a biblically balanced and comprehensive perspective on  the major aspects of the relationship, theologically and historically, between  biblical Christianity and Israel and the Jewish people—both the regenerate and as yet unregenerate. From the  erroneous position of supercessionist Replacement Theology, to  its Christian Zionist antithesis, to Messianic prophecy, to  the origins of the Gospel within  the Judaic culture which produced it,  to eschatological and prophetic implications of contemporary events in the Middle East up to and including the Annapolis Summit, this book  furnishes an up-to-date, multi-faceted and doctrinally solid  compendium addressing the key issues which every Bible-believing Christian and every Jew should ponder in today’s fast-changing world.

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The Jews, Modern Israel and the New Supersessionism

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Published May 2013 (Broadstairs, Kent: King’s Divinity Press).  xxiv + 356 pages. Paperback. 14.99 GBP.
Edited by Calvin L. Smith

This book explores the relationship between the Jewish people, the Church and Israel, from biblical times to the present. Its fifteen essays from contributors with considerable expertise and published work in the field provide readers with a careful and objective examination of the issue from various perspectives.

This timely volume is being published at a time when the debate surrounding the relationship between the Church and Israel raging within Evangelicalism is increasingly polemical and polarised.  

“The unbiblical doctrine that the church replaces or supersedes the nation Israel in the plan of God must be challenged with the light of God’s word. This work, written by an impressive international cast, continues the case against supersessionism and does so in a clear and compelling way.”

Michael J. Vlach, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Theology, The Master’s Seminary and author of Has the Church Replaced Israel? A Theological Evaluation (Broadman and Holman, 2010).

Available on Amazon Kindle from 19 May 2013
Print version available from 1 June 2013 on King’s online shop.

The Fleecing of Christianity

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THE FLEECING OF CHRISTIANITY takes a fresh and fascinating look at the tactics some use to misuse the Gospel for personal power and gain. FLEECING shows the place “Christian” television plays in the spread of the Great Apostasy as prophesied in the Bible and documents  the formation of the unified one-world church as it happens. Jackie Alnor is known worldwide for tireless research and well-documented facts, which shed light on the sometimes murky depths of cult religions. Jill Martin Rische of Walter Martin Ministries calls FLEECING, “A reader-friendly style, sharp analysis and a strong Scriptural foundation [which] combine to make this book an intriguing and enlightening read.”  

Jackie Alnor is a veteran researcher, writer, activist, teacher and defender of the faith who has been monitoring and taping Christian television for over twenty years; produced the highly acclaimed 1999 documentary, “The Great Apostasy: The Lost Sign”; and is a lecturer of news writing at a Christian university.

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The Roman Catholic Church and the Sexual Abuse of Children

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A booklet published by Moriel Ministries outlining the abuse of children by priests and nuns of the Roman Catholic Church with claims and facts. Place your order here.

The Beginning of Roman Catholicism

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A booklet published by Moriel Ministries answering the question, “What is Roman Catholicism and where did it originate? Place your order here.

The Table of Contents:

  • Babylon and Rome

  • Historical Backtround: Pagan Rome

  • The New Covenant vs Replacement Theology

  • State Religions: Old and New

  • Augustinian Theology

  • The Errors of Ignatius of Antioch

  • Pagan Emperors/Catholic Popes

  • Recontextualization vs Redefinition

  • Influences of Gnosticism

  • Sempre Aidin: Always the Same

  • The Effects of Greek Dualism

  • Undermining the Humanity of Christ: The Root of Mary Worship

  • The Middle Ages

  • The Rock: Peter or Christ?

  • The Origin of the Papacy

  • The Dark Ages: Catholicism;s Gift to Europe

  • Aristotelianism & Humanism Are Born From the Renaissance

  • The Counter_Reformation and Further Corruption

  • The Council of Trent: The Final Insult

  • The Goals of Modern-Day Roman Catholicism

It Could Take Faith To …

An inspiring and unforgettable story that has given hope to many.

During the cruel rule of General Franco in Spain, Christine and her husband received a dramatic call to take the gospel to Gypsies living in the caves of Almeria, Spain. However, due to financial restraints their denomination were unable to send them. Christine and Chris were happy to think that God had been testing them, knowing they would have gone had it been possible. But God started to speak to them through Hebrews 11. They realised if they were to be obedient to such a remarkable call they would need to take a leap of faith. After selling all in England, they went with their two young sons trusting the Lord. To their amazement, they were the first to arrive with the Gospel and Bibles to the area, and were confronted with danger and fierce opposition.

Christine had been asked time and again, over many years, to have her journals published, but always declined. But on being made acutely aware how her story would be of invaluable help to anyone experiencing a trial of faith, she agreed to release contents of her journals


“Well worth the reading”—Jacob Prasch

For further information; reveiws; to order; go to

Lost in Faith. It could take faith to…

The UnusualSuspects

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Richard compassionately writes about 25 Jews who have found spiritual fulfilment in Jesus.

About the author: Richard Gibson is a Christian minister. He was brought up in a home in which Israel and the Jewish people were respected and loved, and for a number of years he lived and worked in Israel. Richard speaks modern Hebrew fluently, is an ardent defender of the Jewish state and is married with one son.

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For Zion’s Sake

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This book by Paul Wilkinson is a study of Christian Zionism and dispensationalism. It is a researched and readable book of theological and historical fresh air.

This book can be purchased directly from by clicking here.


As a lecturer at King;’s Evangelical Divinity School (formerly Midlands Bible College and Divinity Scholl), Jacob Prasch recommends the school as a place of study for those wishing a more in-depth understanding of God’s Word. King’s is a leading provider of open and distance-e-learning biblical and theological courses ranging from beginner through to fully accredited undergraduate and Ph.D. levels.

King’s Evangelical Divinity School (formerly Midlands Bible College and Divinity School)
Tel. 08700 421 704 (Overseas +44 8700 421 704

HAVHA and the Black Stone

“I could not put it down €¦ a thriller with a solid and important message.”   Gail, Hampshire.

“This needs to be spoken, written, brought into the open.”   Peter, UK.

Vartan was born in the Armenian Refugee Camp in Lebanon in about 1948.   Orphaned at four, he then spent four years at the Danish Birds” Nest Orphanage until he ran away and lived on the streets of Beirut. He has made his way as a musician, with no formal education. This is a 3-D thriller—you feel as if you were there just as he was.  

Hardback, First Edition, signed copies,
sent “free” in return for donations
of not less than £11 to
“Melkonian Books Childrens Fund”
PO Box 528, Herts WD3 6XN
Or go to
Mention Moriel.   £2 will go to Moriel from every book sold.   All remaining profits from this edition will go to the Birds” Nest Orphanage in Byblos.

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