Don’t Wear Saul’s Armor

“Here! Alright, you”re going to take them on? Wear my armor!” He tries it on but it only makes him cumbersome. It inhibits his maneuverability. His speed and agility are impeded. He makes himself an easy target. Don”t wear Saul”s armor. It didn’t do Saul any good, why should you wear it? Rely on the Lord and the weapons He has trained you how to use. Don”t wear Saul”s armor.

If you want to see the old-time Pentecostal power come back, get out of the Assemblies of God or Elim as fast as you can, as one example. Don”t wear Saul”s armor; it will only make you an easy target.

Do you know what a Muslim will say to an Evangelical Anglican, even a good Anglican? “Oh, your church ordains homosexuals.” You”re wearing the armor; he”s got you right there. “Well I don”t agree with it!” Then why are you paying money into a diocesam system, paying his salary? They”ve got you. Don”t wear his armor. They”re in dread of Islam, they”re in dread of militant homosexuality, they”re in dread of these things.

It’s gotten to the point where they can no longer withstand Darwinism so you have so-called neo-evangelicals pursuing the path of theistic evolution, trying to compromise with it despite its lack of scientific and theological credibility; trying to compromise with paganism; trying to compromise with Eastern religions, even with cults, with Rome, with anybody. If you can’t beat them join them? No, if you join them you will serve them. You join them, you serve them. There is no cordial friendship with Goliath. The Philistine is an invader, nothing more and nothing less.

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