Christian Greetings.

As requested I have carefully read Randy White’s article with its summary dismissal of all Discernment ministries. 

*  As with most deceptive agendas , the opening paragraphs of his article reveal his motive:
He is attempting to misrepresent his heretical view as a non essential (Gnat instead of a Camel) ,
when in fact it is a fundamental distortion of the scriptural Gospel as per Galatians chapter 1: 6-9.

The New Testament unambiguously teaches that believers are indeed already under the 
New Covenant (eg.2 Corinthians 3:6, Hebrews 7:22) and the denial of this is not the biblical Gospel.

I & our ministry have always taught that The New Covenant was made with Israel (Jeremiah 31:31, Romans 9:4), to state that Christians are not under this New Covenant (be they natural branches or grafted in) is absolutely false and directly contrary to scripture. 

This moreover, rides on the back of his extreme Neo-Bullingerist hyper dispensational hermeneutic (resembling the hermeneutics of ancient Marcionism, though not its christology). So extreme is his hermeneutic that he teaches that the 7 Churches in Revelation chaats. 2 & 3 are not churches but future Jewish synagogues during the final 7 lunar years of history. We remained sickened by the on going promotion of the heretical ministry if Randy White 
by Jan Markel who at the time of this web posting has continued to feature Randy White on her radio broadcast website knowing it to be heretical.

*  The first ‘Discernment Ministry’ in the modern sense was the original CRI of Dr. Martin. It was an evangelistic ministry to people in cults and an apologetics ministry equipping Christians to evangelize cults. 

While it is very true the first defense against error is a knowledge of the truth; thus a need for ‘Teaching Ministry’ , Galatians, 1 Corinthians, Colossians, 2 Thessalonians, , Jude etc. as well as most if Israel’s prophets were inspired by God primarily to refute and correct error. Randy White ignores this as it does not suit his agenda.

In a qualified yet quite scriptural ‘Watchman’ sense , Discernment ministries can be understood to be prophetic ministries functioning as prophetic voices did. 

I point these things out  bearing in mind that Moriel is primarily a church based Missions organization that is evangelistic,  church planting, teaching, caring for the poor and persecuted church etc. and is not in any primary sense a Discernment Ministry, even though when appropriate we will speak on on discernment issues.

While some of his criticisms of some Discernment Ministries indeed have merit as we and others have often stated ourselves, his article tells what is at best a half truth. 

There are indeed purely reactionary blogs etc. misrepresenting themselves as :Discernment Ministries’, and the only way to know what they are for is by determining what they are against.  Many of these are caught up in conspiracy theory speculation, Ruckmanism, and all manner of convoluted 
pseudo theology.  This however is not a fair or comprehensive perception of all Discernment ministries.  There are also  church based and church sponsored Discernment ministries (eg. Bill Randles, Sandy Simpson) that are entirely scriptural. 

Randy White’s generalizations constitute an elongated litany of half truths designed once again to defend the unscriptural nature of his own erroneous dogma and his agenda to promote it.

 In Jesus,

Jacob Prasch

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