Crucial Vote on Free Speech in the House of Lords Today

At the beginning of this week, the House of Commons voted by a majority of 197 to remove Lord Waddington’s free speech safeguard. Lord Waddington’s clause is a just and reasonable one, which protects Christians’ freedom to comment on sexual ethics.

Without this protection, Christians are more likely to be investigated by the police for “inciting hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation” if they state the Biblical position on homosexual practice. Police investigation is very frightening and intimidating, particularly as the maximum penalty for this offence, when in force, would be imprisonment of up to 7 years.

The Bill is back for debate and vote today (11th November) in the House of Lords and may return tomorrow.

The recent case of a 67 year-old Christian grandmother subjected to a police investigation after she wrote to her Council objecting to a parade promoting homosexuality, demonstrates the need for clarity on the face of the law in this area. To see the Telegraph article, click here.

Please pray once again today that the House of Lords will stand firm and resist this renewed attempt by the Commons to smother Christian freedom of speech. The Houses of Parliament have already voted six times on the issue between them. It is time the Government accepted that there is a need for the free speech clause. ‚  


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