Mexico Moriel Missions Report January 2014

Roberto Majewsky is a half Jewish – half Cuban Spanish language Moriel missionary and evangelist to Latin Americans reaching out to Roman Catholics and The Sephardic  Jewish population of Latin America who presently active in Mexico.

It is Moriel’s goal and desire to Lord willing have a Moriel Latin America branch with an all  Spanish lanuage website under the direction of Marco Quintana who currently pastors a Moriel affiliated bi lingual English-Spanish congregation near Los Angeles . Brother Sergio and Michael Chavez together with Alexandra and the radio ministry of Brother Polycarpo broadcasting throughout Central and South America have already produced  Moriel pilot materials and translations into Spanish and Marco & Jacob Prasch have done Spanish sermons in Spanish.

Please pray for Roberto’s ministry and that Moriel will have the guidance and provision of The Lord in our aims to branch out more into the Spanish speaking world.

Hello Brothers,

I`m happy to report to all of you that the Lord is moving in Baja and is using this wonderful couple Alfredo and Leticia Zepeda. This past Monday we delivered   some food and study supplies to their home were they hold a weekly home bible study, this couple is very evangelistic oriented they have expressed to me that they have the desire to go were the Lord leads them and have abandoned all intentions to comeback to the States. Bro. Alfredo has expressed to me in the last 5 months the intentions of starting a church in the barrio of Otay on the east end of Tijuana on the way to Tecate and Mexicali. There are many challenges ahead but the Lord has shown his faithfulness they are currently attending a pentecostal church nearby but have also raised many questions about the theology of that particular church but nonetheless continue not to be a disruption but to wait on the Lord for their next step. This plan of starting a church has been a vision for Bro.Alfredo for the last year.   Pastor Marco has been supportive in in prayer and making sure if Bro. Alfredo is serious about what the Lord wants for his life.

The Zepeda`s have also meet a couple who just recently immigrated from Cuba Josue Ruiz and Olga Ochoa while they were street evangelizing, I meet them personally this past Monday and had fellowship for a couple of hours, both are talented musically and love the Lord.I`m happy to say that both are fundamentally sound, pro Israel and are very up to date with current events,they also believe in Israels relevance in end times. In a sea of Catholics and all other twisted believes under the banner of Christianity this couple from Cuba is a breath of fresh air to Bros. Alfredo and Leticia. Both couples have shown interest in a outreach and   working together. I will continue to be in prayer and open to any discernment from the Lord regarding Baja missions.

Thank you and God bless!

Roberto Majewsky

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