Ode to Martin Luther

Your scholarly Ninety-five theses challenged a lost papal church.
You wielded the sword and divided the marrow from the bone exposing that no godly treasures could be sold.
Disputation on selling indulgences, inner spiritual repentance, true sorrow over sin not mere external sacramental confession. Repent and believe.
You revealed anew salvation to be received as a free gift of God’s grace through faith alone in Christ Jesus alone not by works.
Heavenly treasures sprang forth, a fountain of forgiveness. Paid in full. Sacrificial love. Victory over sin and death. New nature birthing into a new life yielding spiritual fruits. A changed heart.
Bible final authority. Translated for the common man. Read. The truth shall set you free indeed.

What is this? No! Heretic! Excommunicate him, outlaw him, and issue a Papal Bull to silence him. But the Diet of Worms could not stop him. Church ruptured and Europe fractured.
Your heart’s empathy towards the Jewry like the dew of only one morning.
You challenged absurd theologians who defend hatred for the Jews in ” Servitude of the Jews
In ” Jesus Christ was born a Jew ” you penned, “If I had been born a Jew and had seen such dolts and blockheads govern and teach the Christian faith, I would sooner become a hog than a Christian”.
Leave them alone, I will bring them home…….
But what the Catholic church could not do; you could not convert them to Christianity either.
Understanding of love’s free will was transplanted by a dogmatic darkness that seeped into your heart. God protect me.
Were you primed by a kosher meal? Nevertheless, your now volcanic heart spewed and vomited an historic non-precedent anti-Semitism violation. Torrential.
Three years before you died, you published ” The Jews and Their Lies “. Men of faiths agreeing and other disagreeing.
Biblical proportion of abuse of biblical text to conjure anti-Semitic racism, apartheid, incendiary and scatological wording with future genocidal ordering.
Your 7 point plan was soon adopted throughout your land and beyond.
Scare mongering, burning, hate stirring and blood shedding.
Your contempt for the Jacob’s seed and bloodline set Persian Haman in your hero’s eye.
Haman plotted that the Jews be destroyed for pieces of silver.
But for a time such as this, Haman’s gallows tree served him unwell as for his 10 sons.
The tree’s Prophetic pattern.
Purim’s celebrated as a reminder of The Hand that saves.
Luther, in ” The War against the Jews “, your roots nourished Adolf Hitler obsession.
Germination of your 7 plan blueprint for the 4 point final solution
Kristallinacht birthday present
Did you turn in your grave?
Those generational planted seeds sprung from death to life to reap destruction
Compliant German Christian sickles swung in unison.
Sold the lie, they justified in part, to avenge deicide of “purely Aryan” Christ Jesus.
Was Suffering Messiah king robbed blind again?
Harvesting the bony flesh of the defenceless to smoke, to dust….
Mr Woods took no silver for the 10 for the gallows tree at the Nuremberg Trial – Julius Streicher is last and snapped “Purim-Fest 1946”

Nobody and nothing can ever undo the forever Covenanted Chosen of God.

The hope Messiah King

By Rosie Coyne, Purim 2017.

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