CNN & Veri-Chips

Neither CNN cable news or Veri-chip are strangers to controversy. Saudi led Islamic investment in CNN’s parent company TIME WARNER AOL has led to speculation that such influence accounts for the often anti-American, anti-Israel and pro Moslem bias at CNN.

CNN withheld reports from its viewers of serious human rights abuses by the Sadam Hussein regime in Iraq but repeatedly harped on “the humiliation” of Islamic militants at Abu Ghareb prison, as if there were a fair comparison. Now CNN reports the Moslem rioting in Australia following the Moslem rioting in France as “civil disorder by Middle Eastern gangs”, suggesting they are the victims of some discrimination following the Moslem assaults on life guards that provoked the Sydney outbursts.

Meanwhile, the implementation of implanted micro chip reading technology by two USA hospitals has led to concerns by civil libertarian groups that such technology could and eventually would be used to monitor the private affairs of citizens.

Now in a TV advert for its “SPARK” broadcast CNN features a diagram of a human right hand with an announcement, “Imagine using an implanted microchip as a means to purchase things”? This is followed by an imposed bar code.

Such shocking displays should logically trigger an avalanche of public outcry, but in a post-Christian/neo-pagan Western society, it no longer does. Clearly, the apocalyptic prophecies of Zechariah 12 and Revelation 13 are not only on the horizon, but are coming attractions being advertised on CNN.

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