International State of Moriel 2013-2014

Blessings in Jesus to all of our brethren with much gratitude in Christ for your prayers and support as we approach the arrival of 2014 and close of the present year (actually the Jews in Moriel observe two New Years, the secular one and Rosh Hashanah and/or the 1st of Nissan).

Most people in Moriel observe the Nativity instead of Christmas (although we leave this to the individual) and the Jews among us celebrate Chanukah as Jesus/Yeshua did in John chapter 10.

Be you Jew are Gentile we are one in our Messiah who saved us and we wish you every blessing for whatever you do or do not observe (Colossians 2:16-18, Romans 14:4-5).

Prophetic events in The Middle East in Egypt, Syria, and Iran ticked away this year with not only secular politicians but also many Christians oblivious to the prophetic significance of these issues. Sadly, the downward doctrinal and ethical spiral continues in much of the so called Evangelical church as we see the prophecy of AW Tozer from 55 years ago take place that Evangelicalism would become so corrupted that the true people of God would have no choice but to begin alternatives to the existing churches and denominations. This is not to suggest all are lost or that ministries like Moriel are the only ones trying to keep things right in the light of scripture, but it is to say God is building a remnant last days church to prepare the way for His Son’s return and we are trusting Jesus to keep faithful until that day.

We have seen major moves away from the Word of God with everything from professing regenerate believers endorsing same sex marriage to interfaith worship of other gods to even teaching things which are theologically insane such as it is possible to worship the anti-christ and take the mark of the beast and still become saved. Sister Ruth Hunt went to join her beloved Lord and her beloved Dave Hunt and Moriel lost our friend and colleague Max Rosenquist and former Moriel music minister Kevin Doyle. Our New Zealand branch is operational but requires a re-launch following the loss of Nigel. The reorganization of our New Zealand branch will be a prime objective for 2014. Our friend & brother Chuck Smith finally gave up the battle against old age and cancer and The Lord has taken him home to await his new body. We thank God for Jesus and His resurrection that such separations will be only temporary and that The Lord’s return draws closer.

In preparing the way or His return, much is left to be done. We continue to expand our impoverished children’s work in The Philippines and build up our network of affiliated churches there. In 2014, we are planning a children’s dental mission to follow the children’s medical mission we did in 2013. The new Ebyown in South Africa is largely constructed although still under development and we together with the producers are building on the evangelistic success The Lord has given us in the film “The Daniel Project” through which a very considerable number of people in a variety of countries have been saved. The film has been the most fruitful evangelical venture we have had since the Five Questions series were initially introduced on our website. In 2014 the Moriel website should see its refurbishment completed.

Our largest growth however as been in Asia where Moriel is now doing pastors seminars that are reaching from Singapore into China. Due to persecution our work in China and Vietnam must remain low key but it is going forward by God’s grace as is our work in Israel concerning which we do not comment publicly often for similar reasons. Although small by international standards, by the difficult standards of Japan our work there has increased substantially. The meetings we have had in Osaka were the largest on record. Our missionaries there and in Thailand have done a great job as has our partner ministry ETW in Singapore.

Unfortunately, India remains on the back burner although the Moriel Australia branch is involved in the financial sponsorship of Children’s work there. We hope to have a clearer vision from The Lord on the way forward in India by the end of 2014. Moriel Canada branch has opened under the administration of Steven Boot who also has joined the Moriel board and Sandy Simpson will be opening Moriel Pacific branch fully in 2014.

The book on the rapture “HARPAZO” should be published in 2014 and we are desperately trying to get Moriel TV operational as an alternative to the heresy and con artistry on popular Christian TV. We urgently request prayer or God’s provision for this venture. It will be the largest (and most costly) project we have ever attempted, but God must be in it. This powerful medium has for too long been corrupted by apostate swindlers discrediting the Gospel and deceiving the church.

We also ask prayer for our new affiliated churches in New York and in Cork, Ireland. We have seen very conspicuous growth in our ministry and attendance figures in Northern Ireland and both the English and Scottish Moriel conferences had to turn people away, for which we are sorry ” but what a wonderful problem to have. We cannot measure blessing success in terms of numbers, but numbers by God’s goodness have very visibly increased. More Christians are wanting solid scriptural exposition that too few are any longer getting in their churches.

All in all, although a year of challenges and some disappointments, it has certainly by God’s grace been a year of growth (the devil only attacks targets worth attacking). Please pray with us as we meet the opportunities God has for us in 2014 and please remember our children in the Third world, the persecuted Christians we work with in certain countries, and our hopes of establishing Moriel TV on ROKU and on Internet.

In addition, we have not forgotten our home base of Jewish evangelism. In 2013, Moriel co-sponsored a Christian wrestling team from the USA led by Jamie Northrup from Pastor Bill Randles’ church to the Israeli “Maccabia” (Jewish world Olympics) wearing their Zechariah 12 T-shirts as a high profile witness to Israel and to Jewish sports fans watching everywhere.

Carrie and I will be working on the e-adverts that we have planned for some time that we also hope to run in select newspapers. You will be seeing these in 2014 on our website. Pastor Menno Kalisher has been most helpful in his advice base on his own experience in Israel in this regard and it should also prove to be very interesting as we seek to bring the Good News of Yeshua back home again to His own people.

Lastly, although there was some flood damage, we thank God none of our children at our children’s mission, none of our missionaries, and no one from any of the Moriel churches were among those killed in the terrible typhoon in The Philippines. The Lord was indeed merciful placing His Hand of protection over Moriel as we prayed He would when this massive storm approached.

Once again, we praise Jesus for His goodness to us in 2013 as we look forward to 2014, and we indeed praise Jesus for your prayers and support. May The Lord bless each and all of you.

James Jacob Prasch – Director

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