We the undersigned as professional experienced police investigators with over half a century of detective experience combined in the investigation of crime  wish to respond regarding  the vexatious claims made against Moriel Ministries and Jacob Prasch by those supporting a Mr. David Nathan of South Africa in a theological dispute and those acting in concert with them.

We specifically refer to internet posted material by the Catalyst organisation acting in apparent concert with the ‘My Organizer’ business enterprise of Stuart & Debora Menelaus of Fife, Scotland operating variously under the names of Bethel Communications and GV 24/7. Along with the continuing diatribe by someone using the pseudonym tbckwaii. Who does not have the credibility or courage to disclose who he really is.

We first of all note that the claim that Moriel is under investigation is in itself devoid of substance as there is and has been no investigation, criminal or otherwise, by any government , police, or judicial agency. It is a contrived and defamatory assertion. intended to give Catalyst kudos but shows them to be rather inept and foolish.

As senior police detectives we fundamentally reject such assertions directed against the Moriel Ministry and against Jacob Prasch as  bogus and having no merit nor actual evidence. We have all known Jacob Prasch personally and are well familiar with Moriel for a number of years and any inordinate activity either personal or financial would have been recognized by us, and detected by any police investigator over a period of time. There has been none however. From the perspective of a police investigation, these allegations appear manufactured and meritless and personally vindictive using immature bullying and harassment tactics falsely portrayed as qualified superiority. From the initial leading of the witness David Nathan on the GV247 program to the continued use of hearsay and conjecture by Catalyst, they have only made themselves look vindictive and motivated by spite. There is no evidence that would pass any criminal or civil threshold test, and they know it, otherwise they would have handed it over to a statutory authority .There is no justifiable or evidential basis for this continued attack by supposed Christian brethren harassment; there is nothing established on the basis of  any verifiable fact.

Such defamatory claims moreover are readily off-set by a range of witnesses intimately familiar with Moriel and its director whose testimonies are uniformly an endorsement of honesty and good character.

It is our assessment as senior investigating police detectives from three different nations with lifetime careers investigation crime and fraud that no credible police agency or jurisdiction would lend credence to the demonstrably contorted insinuations and character assassination attempts found in these unsubstantiated charges aimed at Moriel Ministries and against Jacob Prasch. His integrity remains secure, but that of the afore mentioned must be considered tarnished.


Sergeant Amos Farrell
Sr. Investigating Detective (ret.)
Scotland Yard
London, UK

Captain Michael Benade
Commanding Police Detective (ret.)
South Africa Police

Sergeant Michael Keaney
Senior Detective – Investigator
New Zealand Police


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