Obama, Clinton and Israel’s Building Plans

Sunday, 28 March 2010
Shofar Ministries

Last week Israeli Prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu visited the USA. His welcome at the White House was less than warm; being greeted by an official at a side door and made to wait for the President to appear.

The reason for this coolness from Israel’s strongest ally?

The announcement that Israel intends to build a housing complex in a neighbourhood that is part of East Jerusalem.

The result: Vice President Biden was said to be greatly embarrassed by this announcement as he had just arrived in Israel in an attempt to encourage both Israel and the Palestinians to re-enter peace negotiations.

Now if this was a planned insult to Biden and the USA one could understand it.

If it was a deliberate attempt to throw a rock under the peace process, again we could see and understand America’s ire and the subsequent Palestinian riots that followed.

However, neither is true.

It was an ill-timed announcement by a lesser official in Netanyahu’s government. That is for sure.

BUT the announcement should not have caused such an earthquake response from America and the PA.


Because everyone; the Americans and the Palestinians, know full well that such building endevours have been going on in this same neighbourhood for the last 4 decades!

AND even more amazing; they all know that under any and every past and present peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians it has been agreed that this area would always be a part of Israel in any future two state solution!!

So they would still be building in Israel not a future Palestinian state! Everyone agrees.

So why the vitriolic response from the USA and the Palestinians?

I believe this has shown the Obama administration’s true colours and their anti-Israel policies and pro-Palestinian / Arab kow-towing.

Today 75% of Congress called on Secretary of State Clinton and Obama to “cool it” regarding Israel and to make a behind closed doors peace with Netanyahu.

Maybe they will, maybe they will not. But if one takes a look at the list of regular visitors to the White House in recent months you will see the administration is taking a very disturbing anti-American, anti-Israel route. Read the list here.

And as such placing itself on a collision course with the God of Israel.

Not because Israel is always right. But because as in most instances, and especially in this recent case, Israel has once more been attacked without cause.

This is nothing other than the handywork of Satan himself who is seeking the destruction of the Jewish state. And in attempting to fulfill his diabolical plans he uses fallen mankind.

This is the land to which in future days the Messiah Yeshua Himself will return to defend his people when as the prophet Zechariah says “All nations shall come against Jerusalem.” (Zechariah 14:1-5).

The Palestinians for their part, in seeing the American response and changing attitude toward Israel, have smelt blood and believe the new administration is openly against the Jewish state and its demise is near. So they join in the hunt and begin to riot.

They ponder why the Americans are dragging their feet in allowing any solid concrete action against Iran and her nuclear plans against Israel.

Could the USA think-tank be considering the possibility of Iran destroying Israel then America, holding its hands up in mock horror deals with Iran to stop it becoming a danger to the USA’s Arab (read “oil producing”) friends?

Thus America becomes the saviour of the Middle East and prevents a possible World War and at the same time, by proxy, rids the world of the Israel problem.

All under a President who refuses to show his original birth certificate, who bows to the King of Saudi Arabia; something no Western leader has ever, ever done, and has questionable guests at the White House many of whom have been anti-USA in the past. Read the list here

Speculation, I know, and I hope I am wrong. But certainly the Bible tells us plainly that when Antichrist appears the world will turn against Israel.

I am NOT saying Obama IS the Antichrist. But he could be preparing the world for the Antichrist’s anti-Israel, anti-christian time of the Great Tribulation.

It appears those days may not be too distant.

May Messiah bless you.

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