Mission Update Thailand – Sept 2019

Dear believers in grace,

Open Air Preaching
Last month and the previous month we went open air preaching in an area where there are many tourists. Micah and Isaiah both preached open air for the first time (and the second time) from Proverbs 3:3-8, which they had memorized, and we also preached in Thai and English. Videos of this are on my Facebook page. One man from Australia and his girlfriend came to church as a result of the outreach. Many others received tracts and we pray that God will continue to draw people to get right with Himself.

Khae’s Outreaches
At the school where the boys study, Khae and I both teach there once a week now. It’s not a Christian school, but we have freedom to teach the Bible and to be witnesses for Jesus. I try to teach them fun lessons, such as vocabulary for making paper airplanes, a Buddy Davis song, etc. Khae makes creative crafts during a different hour of teaching with the children.

Also, Khae goes to teach at another school, which is a government school, where her friend is a teacher, and Khae teaches a Bible lesson there as well, in addition to helping with Math and Reading, etc.

On another day of the week, Khae goes to a restaurant to have a Bible study in the book of John with a Buddhist lady. Sometimes her daughter, who is in high school, also joins them.

Each week Khae also teaches the children in our children’s classes a Bible story in Thai. She is a good story teller, but makes sure the kids know it’s not just a story, but God’s Word, and real events from history.

Karenni and Lahu Outreaches
Jallay and his family continue to teach some young men and women who are migrant workers from Myanmar. Last week three of the men from that camp turned up dead in the river. These were men from the same camp, but not ones who attend their Bible study. It is probably something unrelated to the elephant camp, but rather some mess those men got themselves into after hours, going out drinking, or something like that. Please pray for this situation. Jallay and his wife and daughter plan to continue to go there and teach the Karreni men and women, as well as possibly a new group of Lahu people.

Women’s Prison
We just got a brand new group of students for our English Massage/Bible class. I’ve been teaching them a Buddy Davis song with actions, which they like. It’s the same song I’ve taught our Saturday class children (The Seven C’s of History). May God open their hearts to see the truth of His Word.

For the new prisoners who identify as Christians, we continue to teach them a couple of times a month. Last time I taught on the Ten Commandments, and Jallay not knowing what I would be teaching on, taught on God leading the Children of Israel after they left Egypt!

Handicapped Center
Each week we also go to the handicapped center to show part of the Jesus movie and then explain it afterwards. We also play worship songs. One lady in a wheelchair said she would like to get baptized. She’s from a Christian home, but has never been baptized. We may do this next week. Also, Samati the blind man continues to come with us to church.

God is good. He cares for the outcasts of society, as well as opening the door to anyone who will call on His name in genuine repentance. The times we live in are dark, but let us press on, draw close to Jesus, and continue to share the gospel:

Galatians 6:9 And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.

Peace in Christ,
Scott, Khae, Micahberekiah, and Isaiah.

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