Mission update – Philippines June 2018

Dear Bro. Jacob and Bro. David,

Grace and peace be multiply unto you from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Another activity for some batch of our children, we took them to a Christian fellowship, venue at Fiesta Community Homes, Subic Zambales. We let the children swim on swimming pool to refresh them from summer heat, eat lunch together as like at a picnic and hearing God’s word delivered by Pastor Edwin. A Young Peoples Fellowship hosted by the church at San Felipe Zambales. Some of our young children attended on the fellowship and participated on the program activities.

Moriel Ministries brought again a blessings for the children through Moriel Give a Gifts school supplies and school uniforms. The parents were thankful and the children were happy and ready excited to go to school on June 4. The gifts encourages the children not only in secular school but also in Sunday School.

The children are familiar on Moriel Give a Gifts because they received it on a regular basis, like this coming rainy season they are expecting Moriel gifts- umbrellas and raincoats. We’re teaching the children that all the blessings we received belongs to God, to Jesus Christ our Lord and from your abundant heart the blessings flows and we be always thankful deep in heart. Thank you very much for all the blessings, may God continue to bless you.

Please let we know the update of our concern on the residential lot.

Thank you.

Sincerely,in Christ

Ptr. Paul

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