Israel – The Best Thing That Ever Happened to the Arabs!

A common sense response to the ridiculous charade of Christ at the Checkpoint and the long litany of lies from the liars addressing it.,  ,   James Jacob Prasch

by: Alan Franklin

Arabs love to gripe about Israel, but it is the best thing that has ever happened for them in the Middle East.

There are about 1.4 million Arabs in Israel, and they should be thanking God for the privilege they have. ‚   Here are some of the reasons:

  • In Israel they can live without fear, under rule of law (not sharia law!).
  • They can get justice.
  • They can find jobs and make a living.
  • They can and do get plenty of free medical treatment.
  • Their children can go to school, college and university.
  • Adults who never had the chance can learn to read and write, including the women!
  • They can buy property and build homes.
  • They get social security benefits.
  • They can choose NOT to go to a mosque without being hunted down by religious police.
  • The women can drive cars without being dragged out and beaten.
  • The women can wear sunglasses to protect their eyes (unlike in some Arab nations).
  • Even the girls can enter the professions.
  • The women can dress as they choose, and even allow people to see their faces! ‚   ‚   Wow, whatever next?
  • The women can walk down the street without a male relative.
  • Arabs can ‚   vote in truly free and un-corrupt elections.
  • They can even stand for office and be elected! ‚   Some Arabs have been elected to the highest body in the land, the Knesset.
  • And they can voice their true opinions. ‚   Try that in an Arab country if you disagree with the ruling elite.
  • They can change their religion without being beheaded, as they are in Islamic towns and cities on Fridays.
  • They can keep their hands and feet, and not have them amputated by sharia courts (unlike the young girl who ran up to us in Morocco crying and holding out the stumps of her wrists).

In fact, the only place Islamics find real ‚  freedom is outside of their own Islamic countries, which is why they flood into the West.

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