Israel Sits on a Large Bomb with a Very Short Fuse

5 Dead 30 Wounded

Aksa Martyrs” Brigades and the Islamic Jihad claim joint responsibility for yesterday”s suicide bombing in Hedera. ‚   The Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade is under the control of President Abbas. ‚   These are the same murderers he told Bush that would be brought into the PA security forces, and Bush of course agreed that it was a good idea. ‚   Stating that Abbas was a man of peace, the fact that he headed up the PLO and claims there was no Jewish Holocaust no longer matters as long as he serves Bush”s purpose. ‚   What happened to the statement Bush so often makes, that you don”t negotiate with terrorists? ‚   Once again we are picking up pieces of our women and children body parts soaked in blood in the streets of an Israeli town while Bush and Rice say we must give them more freedom of movement. ‚  


When the President of Iran speaks at a conference called “The World without Zionism”  and in his speech he says “Israel must be wiped off the map”  we have a big problem. ‚   Then when you consider that Iran in most likelihood has the nuclear bomb and the delivery system to send it to Tel-Aviv the problem gets even larger. ‚   Can you amagine the worlds reaction if Sharon said that about Iran? ‚   With the help of Russia, North Korea, China and Pakistan Iranians are most likely ready to attack Israel at any given moment and we know it, as does the rest of the world. ‚   With oil prices at the highest in history they certainly have the money to buy whatever they want in the way of weapons, and you can be sure that the above mentioned countries will sell them anything they want for a price.

The world has also witnessed the parades in Iran where they have shown off their new missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons to Israel or even Europe for that matter but written on the sides of the missiles are slogans that say “for the destruction of Israel” . ‚   I don’t think you have to be a master Politician to see we are in trouble here in Israel.

Since Israel pulled out of southern Lebanon the Iranian backed Hizbullah has been building up missiles bases and now have a reported 13,000 missiles ready to be fired at Israel whenever Iran decides it’s time, many with chemical warheads. ‚   All this of course has been designed to come together at the precise time to destroy Israel. ‚   Iran and Syria have agreed that if either is attacked by the US or Israel the other would come to their rescue.


To add insult to injury Syria has just purchased the Iskander SS-26 missiles from Russia with a 400 km range, putting two thirds of Israel in range, these missiles are capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and are very accurate. ‚   For the past couple years Syria who has no real love for the “Palestinians”  has been training thousands of them out of the Lebanon refugee camps too fight Israel. ‚   It has been reported that they have recently moved a very large number of them to their southern borders making even the Lebanon army nervous.

Bashar Assad (President of Syria) and Mahmoud Abbas (President of a place that doesn’t even exist on any map) both are in serious trouble with their own people. ‚   And when these Arab leaders find themselves in trouble they always react by starting a war, it is a mentality flaw but one that seems to keep them in power. ‚   As usual the Saudis are paying the bill for any Arab terrorist group who will wage war with Israel. ‚   Abbas has brought truck loads of highly sophisticated weapons into Gaza through the open border with Egypt in preparations for the big war with Israel, thanks to Ariel Sharon and George W. Bush and their Disengagement.

In the mean time Egypt is making unprecedented gestures of peace and good relations with Israel, and if you know as we do what their State controlled newspapers say every day you know something is terribly wrong with this picture. ‚   Mubarak (Egyptian President) has a very long memory and wants revenge for the 1967 and the 1973 wars, on my last trip to Cairo you could see the destroyed Egyptian tanks in the desert from the 67 6-day war, they leave them there as a reminder.

The Palestinians have re-armed thanks to Bush and Sharon Disengagement from Gaza and with the help of the Egyptians. ‚   It is also known that thousands of al-Qaida fighters have inter into Gaza through the open borders with Egypt. ‚   Now Sharon has allow the Egyptian navy, supplied by the USA to come all the way up to the border at Askelon putting Te-Aviv within range of their missiles and guns. ‚   Now that Egypt has access into Gaza and Sharon has allowed them to increase their military presence in the Sinai right up to the Israeli border, again thanks to the pressure from George W. Bush, Egypt is very dangerously close to us with more military power then they have ever had before thanks again to George W. Bush.

Now The Good News

These Islamic devils can’t win, not even with the help of Russia, North Korea, China and George W. Bush, how do I know, I read the Book, the one God inspired called the Holy Bible. ‚   As for Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria and Egypt, Israel will turn them into a glass factory. ‚   Israel will be here when it is all over for I know where Yeshua will plant His Feet, and it will not be in a land controlled by Islamic devils, but by Jews the same Jews God chose to be here for end time purposes. ‚   You see we have God’s Word on that and God cannot lie. ‚  And after Russia finally gives up supplying these Islamic devils with weapons to destroy Israel with and decides to do it themselves, then we will see the hand of God like no man has ever seen it before, for He will destroy the enemies of His Holy City Jerusalem in the mountains of the north. ‚   How do I know that because God said so and He cannot lie.

God is in control not man

If we allow our attention to be distracted by carnal or temporal fears we will miss the calling of God in our lives. ‚   We must know that to live with fear is to deny God’s love, and to refuse to allow Him to be God in our lives is too give the evil one victory, we simply must overcome and in the days ahead that will only be possible with the presence of the Ruach Ha Koddesh (Holy Spirit) in our lives.

The only safe place on earth for a Jew in the coming days will be Israel, and those who have reason after reason not to make Aliyah will pay a terrible price, God is calling all Jews to come home, now.

God has called this Ministry and others to prepare for the soon coming mass Aliyah of Jews from Europe and elsewhere. ‚   He has touched His people around the world to support ministries that will bless the Apple of His eye, and those who hear His call will be blessed beyond description. ‚   Gen. 12:3.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. ‚   Pray for all those who have come to fight the Islamic enemy. ‚   Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

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