Introducing Alex Artovski ““ Old Habits Die Hard!

February 20, 2010
by Gev
The Rosh Pina Project

Introducing Alex Artovski, reportedly a former Soviet policeman, former Israeli policeman,  and,  current head of Yad,  L’Achim’s anti-Missionary department.

A few years ago Artovski,  once boasted to the Orthodox newspaper HaModia,  that he uses all the tricks of his former trade as a policeman in the oppressive Soviet regime. It is a bit odd then,  that Yad,  L’Achim,  are considering taking Calev Myers, a Messianic Jewish lawyer, to court for describing their tactics as similar to such totalitarian,  regimes when Artovski made,  a similar,  claim himself!

Artovski (Artovsky), in his late forties, early fifties, uses various techniques to wage war against Messianic Jews and missionaries, amongst them included his going undercover and pretending to be interested in Yeshua. He targets the weak inside the congregation and then intensively works on them to ‘save their souls’.

Artovski boasted that he has paid,  ‘informants’ in nearly all Israel’s Messianic congregations as well as informants abroad in the upper echelons of the Messianic ,  movement.

Yad L’Achim’s Facebook page ‚  state: The Jewish soul is a precious, all-too-rare resource, and we are not prepared to give up on even a single one. .. There are no “lost causes.” Yad ‚  L’Achim will continue its rescue activities, together with its efforts at Jewish outreach, as long as the problem of missionaries and Jewish-Arab marriage”¦” ‚   ‚   ‚  Yad L’Achim really believes it has soul rights on all Jews and will do anything to bring ‚  secular, atheist, Reform, agnostic, ‚  Messianic ‚  Jewish souls to Orthodox Judaism, and the Rebbe!

Yad L’Achim have been linked to the Ami-bomber by Teitel ‚  himself who claims he was one of their volunteer activists, a claim Yad ‚  L’Achim are predictably quick to refute. However such was the case when Yad L’Achim switched stories when a Chabadnik ‚  Yad L’Achim volunteer ‚  Raphael Miriashvili, 25, of Lod was found murdered in Israel.

Artovski is no stranger to both sides of the law and knows the terrain well.

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