Herescope Part 1: Anti-Semitism and the Rise of Techno-Media Imperialism

Part 1: A Christian Responds

One of the lessons we learn from studying Jewish history is that anti-Semitism corrupts the people and the societies possessed by it. ~Paul Johnson, A History of the Jews[1]

When the Nazis occupied Holland and forced the Jews to wear the yellow Star of David so they could be quickly singled out for punishment or imprisonment, it is not surprising that Father [Casper ten Boom] reported in the line to get his Star of David. It was the only way, at the moment, for an old man to protest the oppression of his brothers. His international citizenship was never more obvious than this. ~Corrie ten Boom, Father ten Boom: God’s Man[2]

Casper ten Boom standing in line for the yellow star
in the film* The Hiding Place

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