CHUCK MISSLER – RIP May 1st 2018

Moriel & Jacob Prasch commemorate the life & ministry of our friend Chuck Missler, with whom Jacob Prasch shared platforms at multiple conference events in the USA & UK. 
Chuck has rejoined his wife Nancy in the presence of The Lord.

Chuck endorsed Jacob’s assertion that the New Testament authors writing under the inspiration of The Holy Spirit engaged in the Midrashic hermeneutics of the First Century Judaism of the day  in their handling of scripture. It was Chuck who catalogued the medical statistics supporting the teaching of Romans chapter 1 that homosexuality reduces longevity and Chuck Missler also pioneered apologetic argumentation drawing upon his technical secular background of the implausibility of Darwinism in light of the determinations of modern Information Science.  Chuck also stood by the scripturally based conviction that Supercessionism (Replacement Theology) was not scriptural and he strongly affirmed the prophetic purposes of God for Israel & The Jews and the conviction that contemporary Middle Eastern event portend the Return of Jesus. Although we disagreed with Chuck’s book ‘Kingdom, Power, & Glory’ and differed with him on the timing of the rapture, we liked Chuck very much personally and the important contributions he made to the work of Jesus in the era in which he lived are beyond dispute. We aslso remain grateful for the sanction he lent to the ministry of Jacob Prasch and Moriel. 

As is not uncommon, Chuck did not remain with us much longer after his beloved wife Nancy  went to be with The Lord and in his last few years battled the effects of struggles with poor health in New Zealand where he lived. We pray The Lord will give guidance to Ron Matsen and Chuck’s team as they seek to continue the ministry that Chuck  bequeathed. The volumes of Chuck’s purley scriptural  commentary and teaching we would rate as very good and some excellent, his elaboration on the Maji and on the  prophetic & historical significance on the Parthnians cum ancient Persians being just a few cases in point. We shall miss Chuck as a friend & brother until he returns with Jesus.

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