Dear Activists,

Are you able to help defend Israel this Christmas?

One of the most unwelcome Christmas traditions of recent years has been the one-sided focus on Bethlehem by anti-Israel activists. This small town in the West Bank is home to not only one of the most revered sites in Christianity, but also a dwindling Christian community. The blame for this is placed solely on Israel”s separation barrier, with no mention made of the fact that it was constructed to stop terrorist attacks (saving lives on both sides). Nor is any explanation given for why Christians are in fact disappearing from both the Palestinian territories, and the wider Middle East as a whole ” with the exception of Israel. The only country in the region where Christians are free to live and worship in freedom and safety has become the prime target of those who shroud their dislike for Israel in alleged concern for this religious minority.

The latest example of this trend is a prominent church in London, St James”s in Piccadilly, which has organised a whole festival around this subject. “Bethlehem Unwrapped” will include comedy, music, and food ” but nothing about the complex reality facing Israel or the Palestinian Christian community. There will even be a giant separation barrier in order to attract media and public attention.

That”s why the ZF is looking for activists who are willing to help us and other community organisations defend Israel by handing out leaflets next week outside the church, in order to balance the one-sided narrative being promoted to the public.

Please can you let me know ASAP if you are able to help out and your availability over the period  23 December to 5 January.

Materials to hand out and a full briefing will be provided. We hope to have teams of two or three people on shifts at key times during the festival.

All the best,

Chris Lawes
Campaigns Officer
Zionist Federation

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