Sister Linn Elliot

Motor Neuron Disease , one of the most cruel diseases known to man, doesn’t realise it yet but because of the triumph of Jesus over death it has lost its battle for the life of Sister Linn Elliot who went to be with Jesus to await her resurrected body that will be disease free. Disease and death are defeated and irrevocably doomed by the power of Jesus in whom Linn trusted and believed.,  

Linn is alive in Christ and will soon be alive with us on the earth for 1000 years when all of those truly saved will walk with Christ and live as long as Methusaleh until we enter the New Heaven The Lord is preparing for us who repent from sin and ask God’s forgiveness accepting the atonement of Christ in our place. He died our death and gives us His life; a life that is indeed eternal. Linn knew and believed this firmly and we praise God for Linn’s salvation, Linn’s falling asleep in The Lord is a temporary interruption marking an end to her physical suffering.

Linn was from the Liverpool area but in more recent years came south to Cambridge. She was a friend of Jacob and of the ministry of Moriel. We thank God for her faith and the loving smile that was her very signature. While she shall be missed by us during this temporary period of separation, she is in the conscious presence of The Lord and we shall certainly be united with her once again. ‚   In the meanwhile , in celebrating Linn’s faith we join with Hosea the Prophet and Paul the Apostle in singing the God given chorus of holy mockery:

(Hosea 13:14 & 1 Corinthians 15:55)

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