Obituary for Dr. William Alnor

When a brother or sister in Christ is suffering from a terminal illness and it is not the purpose of God to heal them but to call them home to Himself, it is always with a combination of sadness of joy that we learn of the temporary loss. So it is as we learned of the temporary loss of Christian academic journalist Dr. William Alnor, beloved husband of Christian apologetics researcher Jackie Alnor.

Bill taught journalism at university level in California and finally succumbed to a long battle with cancer. Having began in ministry in the original CRI ministry with the legendary Dr. Walter Martin, Bill went on to become author of several books and pioneered such areas of Christian apologetics and discernment as examining the occult and demonic nature of UFO cults. He was also the first figure who exposed the deranged antics of cult leader Stewart Traill of the Forever Family and later “Church of Bible Understanding” in the Pennsylvania press. Bill was also among the first to blow the whistle on the antics of Robert Morey.

Bill did much to protect the church from wolves in sheep’s clothing, but his ministry and interest was never limited to discernment issues alone. Bill had also pastored a Calvary Chapel in Eastern Pennsylvania and wrote extensively providing a wide documented body of material of value in witnessing and evangelism to the growing number of adherents to the various New Age beliefs that have emerged in Western society since the 1960’s. Bill was also always careful to distance his ministry from conspiracy theorists, relying rather on both a biblical sense of discernment and professionally solid corroborative journalistic techniques and standards.

Bill was a noteworthy ‚   asset to the cause of Christ in refuting error in these Last Days through the able use of his professional skills as a journalist. Unfortunately, the prolonged physical anguish of his final months left him debilitated and strongly medicated. While our condolences and prayers indeed go out to Bill’s wife and children in the bereavement of ‚   this temporary separation we also rejoice in the God of our salvation whom Bill knew and in whose presence Bill now dwells until we see him again, reunited when Jesus returns.

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