Moriel Website Issues

Because of reports that visitors to the Moriel website might have experienced infection by malicious software often called a “trojan” or “virus”, we have twice taken down the website and, in concert with technical resources supplied by our host provider, conducted scans in concert with the implementation of additional monitoring tools. In spite of a clean bill of health, a small percentage of visitors still report problems. Not every infection is caused by visiting a particular site. One of their tricks is to make it look that way in order to disguise their true origin. Because this is not happening to every visitor, the most likely cause is limited to people using a computer that is not current with its operating system updates, not using the latest version of a good antivirus package, not using the latest version of their preferred web browser, or a combination of all three. We strongly encourage everyone to make sure their system is up to date in each of these areas.

However, we are going to take the added precaution of redeploying the Moriel website to an entirely new server just to eliminate the possibility of something undetectable taking place on the current server. Because we are an all-volunteer organization, this will take a little longer than we would like, but we anticipate that this will be fully accomplished by the end of February.

In the mean time, we appreciate your continued indulgence and support, particularly your continued prayer for the ministry. Should you or someone experience this problem, it would be extremely helpful if you would send an email telling us what page you were visiting when you had the problem along with (a) the operating system on your computer (Win7, Apple X, etc.), (b) the name of the antivirus you’re using, and (c) the name of your web browser. Send those reports to [email protected]. God bless.

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