“Christian” Mystic Bill Subritzky Dies in New Zealand

He was certainly a deceiver who did much harm to NZ (and to the UK via Hallel Grange deliverance centre which he was a co-founder of along with Peter Harrobin, who divorced his Christian wife and married another woman with no valid scriptural grounds such as unrepentant adultery by her)

From his ecumenism to his promotion of Toronto to the clairvoyance he called revelation, to his promotion of the pseudo Christian witchdoctor TB Joshua, he now knows it was all a big lie that he swallowed and then regurgitated for the consumption of others. I did actually know Bill Subritsky (and his son Paul) through Barry Smith. Truth Watch, Moriel, and Philip Powell all warned him (or tried to). But no one could ever tell such a man anything. If he would not listen to The Word of God, there was no one he would listen to. He was the commensurate mystic conned into thinking he was hearing from The Holy Ghost. He deceived many, but in the end he know recognizes that he chiefly deceived himself. Ethical issues of finance were another dimension of the Bill Subritszky debacle.

We all have horror stories. I recall a young Kiwi believer named Colin who after being saved for only 7 weeks was taken by a friend to a Subritzky meeting in Palmerston North. Subritzky claimed a ‘word of knowledge’ that Colin’s father was a homosexual pedophile who molested him as a baby and that Subritzky needed to cast 7 demons out of Colin. In Fact, when Colin was a baby his dad was in a body cast physically and sexually dysfunctional. The damage such counterfeit spirituality could do to a new believer , including destroying his relationship with his father, is stupendous. The damage done to so many young believers by Subritzky must be incalculable except to God.

Jacob Prasch

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