Jacob Zuma is deputy President of South Africa and the newly directed leader of the African National Congress, the political party of Nelson Mandella, Desmond Tutu, and Thabo Mbeki.

Zuma is now slated to become the next President of South Africa, although he is a bigamist with multiple wives and is under indictment for corruption amidst allegations of racketeering and money laundering. He is also ordained as a minister of religion in a church. As head of the South African AIDS policy, Zuma testified at his rape trial that “although he had sex with the HIV infected woman he was accused of raping, he did not contract ‚  HIV because he ‚  took a shower”. The following newspaper article from Botswana reveals the racist political and social mentality ‚  of some supporting Mr. Zuma.

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James Jacob Prasch

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