Vicky Dillen and KJV-Only Advocates

Dear Moriel and Rabbi Prasch:

About 10 years ago I was contacted by Vicky Dillen in Canada regarding my expertise of knowledge of the phony Christian right who are very involved in Dominionism/Reconstructionism, Sun Myung Moon, and the Scientologists.,   Vicky wanted some specific information.,   I was very willing to speak with her about whatever she asked.,   I even bought some books from her that she’d gotten from a house sale.

At any rate, during our conversation, I questioned her about her faith and I distinctly remember that she had no idea of the doctrines of different churches, including the rapture of the Church, Israel as the wife of Jehovah, replacement theology, or any of the false doctrines by many of the churches.,   I was absolutely astounded.

So it is with astonishment that this woman without any formal training and with a limited amount of biblical upbringing can attack as many as she seems to enjoy doing.,   I’ve actually seen Dr. Arnie Fruchtenbaum attacked because of the logo of Ariel Ministries.,   People are nuts!

Having just seen her attack on you, and having just listened to your teaching from Steve Babko’s Prophecy Conference, I thought I’d jot you a note and tell you what I knew.,   Actually Vicky Dillen is not even worthy of having you respond to any of her idiotic charges…ignore her, she’s not worth the time.

Yours for the salvation of Israel

Greetings in Jesus and thank you for your kind letter.

While I studied Judaism at Cambridge in order to evangelistically debate rabbis and I speak Hebrew, I am not a Rabbi, just a believer in Jesus (Yeshua). I have an ordination for purposes of legally performing Rites of Passage and to have fellowship with and accountability to other preachers. I was never ordained as a rabbi but as a Christian minister. We do have someone who was an actual ultra-orthodox rabbi who sometimes works with Moriel Ministries, but he left it after he got saved.

The views of Arnold Fruchtenbaum would be similar as would Steve Babko. We all reject Talmudic Judaism as a false unscriptural Judaism that rejects its own Messiah and we are all theologically mainstream conservative, Scripture-based, Christo-centric non-Ecumenical Evangelicals in our doctrine (although culturally Jewish).

I do not wish to revile, but there is no euphemism for a liar. Dillen is most certainly a liar, a fraud, and an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist whom many who know her regard as borderline psycho. She is every bit the charlatan you say she is as are the other twisted members of the Ruckmanite cyber-cult of Texe Marrs, Barbara ‚   Aho, Wendy Buester, Wendy Howard, Tom Lamb, and Richard Engstrom.

There are more moderate KJV-Only advocates with whom we respectfully agree with on some issues (mainly to do with erroneous modern translations and the spiritual seduction of the Ecumenical movement) but would just as respectfully disagree with on others. Then there are the devotees of the proven fraud Gail Riplinger with no scholarly or linguistic grasp of manuscript history. Most of these demonstrable fakers cannot even read Greek or Hebrew themselves and give more moderate and academically responsible KJV ‚   advocates (such as The Trinitarian Bible Society) a bad name. Dillen is of the former ““ a dishonest, slandering fraud.

What makes her and her little cyber-cult of Ruckmanite fringe ignorant is not their lack of formal linguistic knowledge, but rather their pretending to have academic backgrounds which they plainly do not. This is Engstrom, this is Lamb, this is Aho, this is Riplinger, this is Howard, this is Buester, and not least of all this is indeed Dillen.

We affirm your view that they should be simply ignored as they are too insignificant and not worth the bother. We get very, very little (if any) post or e mail about their obvious lies, so they have no effect anyway. The only people who seem to pay attention to them is other Ruckmanites in their cyber-cults who are few in numbers, zero in influence, and less than zero in godly integrity and intelligence.

May the Lord give them the grace to repent. Quite frankly, some question if such people are even saved.

In Jesus,
Jacob Prasch

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