Update on Jacob’s Health

A number of people in and around Moriel have inquired concerning my health. I am on a medically restricted schedule until mid-summer and I am only speaking around London and the south of England. No itineraries.

I had my final evaluation with my UK cardiologist Professor Joy today prior to his retirement and I saw my USA cardiologist Dr. Chin in California recently. I will meet my new recommended UK cardiologist shortly. My latest tests came back today. My EKG is good and I remain in pharmacologically managed sinus rhythm. My echo cardiogram also came back looking good as were blood pressure results, etc. My cardiologists are pleased with the results. The remaining issue is now, of course, weight reduction and exercise.

I therefore rejoined a gym today with a medically supervised exercise program. I am using the reduced schedule to work on The Daniel Project, new teaching messages, and being with Pavia who has had a difficult period with the loss of her mother and the illness of her father which caused us to miss our vacation together (important as I have been away so much).

I am also getting good hydro therapy for my neck in Holland (which is closer than in Germany and cheaper than in Switzerland) that keeps me off of the anti-inflammatory drugs for my neck injury that the cardiologists want me to avoid.

I thank everyone for their prayers and concern.

In Jesus,

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