Sept 10, 2013
By James Jacob Prash

 Steve Chalke, Lucy Winkett, and Graham Kendrick gang upon Israel.    

We have long ridiculed the hypocritical idiocy of the left wing press, fundamentalist Islamic interests, the politicians they own in Washington and London, and anti Semites at the targeting of Israel. As no one can contest, Israel simply has by far the best record of human rights (even for homosexuals and lesbians), women’s rights, civil rights of free political expression and an independent judiciary, and above all the best Christian rights in the Middle East. Every hypocritical apologist for Islamic terror, every left wing propagandist at the BBC and CNN masquerading as a journalist, and every left wing pseudo-academic parasite masquerading as a scholar, habitually ignores the grossest violations of human rights, civil rights, women’s rights, and the unspeakable persecution of Christians throughout the Moslem world and in the Islamic nations surrounding Israel, choosing instead to divert attention away from this reality by designating Israel as a villain.

So too does every religious hypocrite such as Colin Chapman, Gary Burge, Lynne Hybels, and Stephen Sizer know this. Yet even with the advent of Arab on Arab killing in Syria and Egypt, the horrific plight of the Christian communities in Egypt and Syria, as well as the Darfur genocide of Christians, the extermination of Christians and outlawing of anything Christian   in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Gaza, and Iran – to the daily Christian bloodbaths in Nigeria at the hands of radical Islam, these cowardly hypocrites utter not a word. Only Israel truly protects its Arab Christian population in that region. As we have noted, as Christian pastors were sentenced to be hung in Iran, Stephen Sizer went to Iran to appear on TV at the behest of the Iranian government sponsored institute for holocaust denial for some back slapping and grandstanding with a regime that martyrs Christians for their faith, based on a common denunciation of Israel where Christians, unlike in Iran, are safe and free. As liars accuse Israel of “apartheid” and demand trade and academic boycotts, none of these charlatans are demanding an embargo on Saudi oil or an academic boycott of Islamic universities in countries with sharia.

In apartheid South Africa with its American equivalent of segregation, black students were barred from universities. Apartheid however still exists in Moslem Malaysia where non Moslem Chinese and ethnic Indian Malaysians are forced to attend university overseas by government policy. In Israel 22% of university students are Arabs obtaining free and subsidized educations. Yet Sizer went to apartheid Malaysia, joining speakers linked to the terrorist organisation Hamas, to propagate the absolute lie that Israel is apartheid. All this despite the fact that Moslems converting to faith in Christ in Malaysia are arrested and flogged in prison. The hypocrisy of such wicked hypocrites is unfathomable and their silence about the persecution of Christians spineless. It is much easier for religious hypocrites and cowards to kick Israel for bogus allegations of which Israel is not even guilty than for Anglican clergy like Sizer and Chapman to stand up as Evangelicals against the trend towards same sex marriage and homosexual-lesbian ordination in their own church. But this is an old story; how-be-it an on going saga of the spiritual, moral, and theological suicide of   British Anglicanism, the hypocrisy defining it, and the cowardice that facilitates and expedites its decline courtesy of the invertebrate compromising of its ridiculous clergy.

To be sure the secular world indeed has its aforementioned equivalent of unjust and unbalanced targeting of Israel. Our problem is when such dual standards, ignoring the persecuted church, and spurious accusations of apartheid are played out in the church as an imagined Christian cause.

The British violinist, Nigel Kennedy who was discovered and trained by the legendary Jewish violin master Yehudi Menuhinc, to whom Kennedy largely owes his career, recently used a concert in London to publicly denounce Israel. Some attribute this to his having had a Palestinian Arab girlfriend. Others raise the prospect of a different motive. Since David Oistrakh, most of the world’s top violinists have been and remain Jewish, as they were once Italian, including the violinist Svengali of the 20th century, Isaac Stern and Jascha Heifetz, the two presently recognised as the greatest living violinists, Itzhak Perlman (an Israeli) and Russian Jew Maxim Vengerov, followed by two other Israelis ” Schlomo Mintz and Pinchas Zukerman. Many would say the most gifted fiddler styled violinist is the incredibly talented Irish American Mark O’Connor. The classical symphony capital of the world is indisputably New York. This is followed by Tel Aviv and Moscow with their respective philharmonics and conservatories and Julilard in Manhattan where the best of the best train. While Kennedy is certainly a top violinist in Britain, by international standards he is not the best of the best, and by some reports resents it and resents the Israelis and Jews who dominate the highest echelons of violin talent where he is relegated to ‘playing second fiddle’, forgetting that if it were not for his Jewish mentor Yehudi Menuhin he might be plucking away for pints and tips in a cockney pub.

A similar story is another anti Israel activist Roger Waters from the legendary British rock band Pink Floyd whose antics are widely viewed as not merely anti Zionist but anti Jewish, including embossing a Star of David on a stuffed pig as a stage prop. When Waters left Pink Floyd on very bad terms in arguments about the musical compositions and who the primary writers of Pink Floyd songs were, the other members of the band led by Dave Gilmore composed, produced, and recorded a sensationally acclaimed album recording entitled ‘Division Bell’. Many Pink Floyd fans were left convinced that the real creative talent was largely Dave Gilmore not Roger Water and some speculate that Waters never would have succeeded at all without his association with founding members Dave Gilmore and Sid Barret, who left the band apparently after losing his mind. Unable to command much respect or attention musically outside of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters did as fledgling Hollywood film stars do, he found a band wagon to jump on as away of keeping his name in the media and reviving his sagging profile. Kicking Israel is as good a cause as any and putting Jewish emblems onto pigs is a fast, easy, and cheap way to regain media attention as a fading solo artist when your music can’t do it for you unless you latch onto others with more talent than you have.

These however are merely secular musicians. With Greenbelt 2013, we have the shameless antics of a professing Evangelical Christian musician ” Graham Kendrick.

As Christians are being killed, being burned out of house and home in Syria, Egypt, and Iraq, and driven off as refugees ” be they Coptic, saved Evangelicals, or otherwise – the UK Greenbelt 2013 Christian festival has decided to ignore the maelstrom of Christian persecution in the Middle East and turn its attention to attacking Israel which protects its Christian population safeguarding their security and religious freedom.

Ultra Orthodox Jews often perpetrate aggression against Jewish believers in Jesus and the Palestinian Authority does not make life easy for Arab Evangelicals in The West Bank unless they become political patsies for the anti Zionist Islamic agenda as the Awad brothers and Salim Munyaner are happy to do, in which case they become tolerated as useful religio-political stooges. The Israeli government and Israeli society at large however are tolerant of Jewish believers and accepting of Christian Arabs ” particularly of Arab Evangelicals. Yet it is Israel being hit at Greenbelt by two entities identifying themselves as The Amos Trust and the Kairos Network of Churches.

The first figure in this morbid fiasco is the youth minister Steve Chalke, a former Evangelical who is by scriptural definition an Ex- Christian. He actively denies substitutionary atonement and penal substitution, teaching Britain’s Christian youth that if Jesus died for our sins God The Father is the quintessential cosmic “child abuser”. Chalke’s latest campaign is calling upon British Evangelicals to support same sex marriage.

Chalke is so far from the true Jesus and the Word of God, openly rejecting the gospel, sanctioning what God’s Word calls moral perversion, and teaching youth to do likewise, that it is little wonder such a false Christian and demon inspired deceiver is parading at Green Belt against Israel. There is no point in confronting him with the words of Jesus in Luke 21, Matthew 23, or Zechariah 12, that the Jews would need to return to Israel and Jerusalem prophetically to set the stage for the return of Christ, since Chalke no longer even believes the gospel itself and rejects scriptural morality concerning sexuality and holy matrimony.

The second figure at Green Belt is Lucy Winkett, vicar at St. James Piccadilly, a demonised haunt of New Age religion, neo-paganism and the occult garbed in the trappings of Anglican christendom. The latest fad at this British Mecca of New Age theosophy is “Awakening Through Sound” by the power of Ennegram Personality Profiling Systems. Again, no manner of hideous lunacy pretending to be Christian coming from this embassy of hell should surprise anyone, including campaigning against Israel as a religious crusade.

The third featured figure is Graham Kendrick, a cheer leader for the dominionist restorationist
Roger Forster and his Ichthus church, that has embraced every error from the homosexual alcoholic Paul Cane and the Kansas city false prophets to the counterfeit Toronto revival and almost any other form of religious insanity coming down the pike, providing of course that it is unscriptural.

The Ichthus church is built on a foundation of false doctrines from a “kingdom now” over realised eschatology, to annihilationism, to replacement theology and supersessionism. Graham Kendrich has always specialised in writing theme songs for doctrinal error. But in aligning himself with a proponent of same sex marriage who denies the scriptural gospel and a new age high priestess calling herself a vicar, Graham Kendrick has reached a new low even by his Ichthus standards.

It all goes together. The harlot church and its backslidden constituency reject the gospel itself saying Jesus did not die to atone for our sins. Then they abandon scriptural morality, advocating same sex marriage. Then they venture into neo-paganism. Finally they turn against God’s ancient people Israel and The Jews oblivious to the very real fact that the God of Israel and of the Jews has now turned against them.

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